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From my corner

Strike, Basque as an official language, Euskal Argentina, Iparralde Basque Center and cultural tours

Every labor union in the southern Basque Country has called for a general strike today, March 29, in response to the cuts in rights and labor reform that the Spanish Government, lead by Mariano Rajoy, has adopted. This is why today’s EuskalKultura.com doesn’t include its usual elements, but just this new installment of “From My Corner.”

The Basque cultural world looks this week to Bayonne (Baiona), a city in which a big demonstration will take place, on Saturday, calling for the Basque language to become an official one in Iparralde (remember that Euskera currently has no legal status whatsoever in Lapurdi, lower Navarre or Soule, which implies legal helplessness in its use and the paradox that speakers of languages like English, Spanish or German may have greater rights and protection using their languages than Basques in their own country). The announcement was made under the motto "Gure hizkuntzak, eskubide bat, lege bat" (our language, one right, one law) will bring together a wide variety of people, groups, political parties and social agents of different ideologies, including elected representatives and public officials.

Also on Saturday March 31, the Association Euskal Argentina, based in Jutsi-Juxue, will hold its annual meeting at the Town Hall in Donibane Garazi (city that recently created a sister-city relationship with South San Francisco, in a place like the Bay Area, that welcomed a large, active Basque community, headquarters of the Basque Cultural Center, a meeting place for the Basque community of all of Northern California), that will be followed by dinner at the Aldakurria cider house in Lasa, lower Navarre.

The announcement of Euskal Argentina practically coincides with a new anniversary, the 117, of the foundation in Buenos Aires on April 1, 1895, of Iparraldeko Euskal Etxea, the French Basque club, that Normal Rios will remind us of in her article that we’ll publish tomorrow.

I don’t want to end this installment of “From My Corner” without mentioning the cultural tours of 2012. We have had a lot of inquiries regarding these. A few weeks ago we announced the pending publication of the Official Bulletin of the Basque Country (BOPV), information relayed to us directly from the government, something that never transpired. What is for sure is that this year, unless very specific issues are addressed, it will not occur. On the other hand, relating to the topic, the Etxepare Basque Institute announced that on Friday, it will announce, as per its director Aizpea Goenaga, its call for grants in support of the dissemination of the Basque culture abroad. Information will be published tomorrow in the EHAA-BOPV (Official Bulleting of the Basque Country).