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From my corner

With our Best Wishes, until after San Sebastian Day

Another year, ten have already passed, and we continue for the moment, trying to keep up and be consistent with the idea that knowing about each other and each other's activities and concerns is important for the Basques, the Basque culture and the Basque clubs and communities worldwide.  This coming one may be EuskalKultura.com's most difficult year, economically speaking. We are making a special effort to deal with it, but in any case we will try to keep you posted about the results and situations when they arise, if they arise.

As every year, EuskalKultura.com will take the first two or three weeks of the year to do some work behind the scenes.  We will not publish the bulletin until after San Sebastian Day [Friday, January 20th], public holiday in Donostia where our headquarters are located.   Anyway every year there are readers who write us to let us know that they are not receiving the newsletter.  So remember, regarding the bulletin, we will be back to normal on January 23rd, nevertheless in the meantime we will remain in the office working on the project anyway.

A couple of years ago we chose to start the year this way because we need the time to do paperwork and work on projects without the daily bulletin's pressure, and January is traditionally a slow period for most Basque clubs, particularly in Argentina and the southern hemisphere, where summer has just started along with vacation for many and a break in many Basque clubs’ activity until February or March. 

But summer in the southern hemisphere is also a period of other activities, for example Argentina’s Udaleku (summercamp), organized by the Zingirako Euskaldunak Basque club in Chascomus, which will take place this January 4-8th,or in February Uruguay's Udaleku, organized by FIVU(Federation of Basque Institutions of Uruguay).

In the middle of January there will be a new barnetegi as part of the Euskara Munduan program for teachers/students of Euskera in the various countries who are enrolled in South America.  And from February 6-17th, the Basque Summer University will take place in Buenos Aires at the Euskal Echea School of Sarandi Street.

Around the 20th of January various clubs will celebrate San Sebastian Day with the proverbial “danborrada.” It is a holiday that is gaining more recognition in the Diaspora and is now celebrated in Basque clubs and places like Necochea, Barcelona, Caracas, New York, Seattle, Madrid, Bahia Blanca, Murcia, Mexico…

On the other hand there are many clubs that take this time to celebrate their general assembly meetings, and election of officers, from Mexico City to Boise Idaho, for example.

In any case, we will star the year at the office, for those who wish to call, write, communicate with us to comment, or propose your ideas.  They will be welcome. Let’s see how the year goes.

From Donostia, Basque Country, our best wishes for 2012.  Urte Berri On!