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Stacee Etcheber

Stacee Etcheber
Stacee Etcheber

2017/10/01 - Las Vegas, NV, AEB

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s tributes to those who died in the Oct. 1, 2017 music festival shooting:

Stacee Etcheber, a mother and a hair stylist from Marin County, California, is among the victims killed at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, the San Francisco Police Department confirmed Tuesday.

Etcheber, 50, was with her husband Vinnie, a San Francisco police officer, at the Las Vegas music festival, according to a statement from San Francisco Police Chief William Scott.

“With heavy hearts, the San Francisco Police Department today mourns the passing of Stacee Etcheber,” Scott said in the statement posted on the department’s Facebook page. “Stacee was taken in a senseless act of violence as her husband, SFPD Officer Vinnie Etcheber, heroically rushed to aid shooting victims in Las Vegas on Sunday. Stacee was a beloved mother of two young children and a well-loved hair stylist in Marin County. As we grieve, we ask the public to keep the Etcheber family in their thoughts, along with all the victims of this tragic incident.”

Read the Review-Journal’s full tribute to Stacee Etcheber.

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