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Louis Erreguible

Louis Erreguible
Louis Erreguible (arg.

2017/07/23 - Reno, Nevada, AEB

(Reno Gazette-Journal, argitara emaniko hil-oharra)

Louis Erreguible

(August 25, 1926 - July 23, 2017)

It's the end of an era in Reno, one which will not been seen again soon. A legend of our time has passed. Louis Erreguible, chef and former owner of Louis' Basque Corner, died Sunday, July 23, 2017 at St. Mary's hospital.

Born August 25, 1926 in Mauleon, Basses Pyrenees, France, he was named Louis after King Louis the 18th. He excelled at an early age, completing his school examinations at age 12. He moved to Bayonne and became a plumbers apprentice, finishing that training at age14.

His love of Basque cooking began in his mother's kitchen. Several of his aunts and uncles were also fine chefs. At 14 he apprenticed in Bordeaux on the Quai de Bacalan.

At 18 he served 2+ years in World War II. Returning home at 21, he went to Paris with" 2 suitcases full of French money". He lived in the bistro and cafe neighborhoods where he sang with Edith Piaf and Tino Rossi after hours when they appeared in Paris nightclubs.

Louis emigrated to Reno under the sponsorship of his uncle on a three year sheepherders contract October 28, 1948. Working in Dayton docking lambs 14 hours a day for 5 days, he decided this line of work was not for him. His uncle gave him two weeks to find a job or be sent back to France. He walked the streets of Reno, looking for anyone who spoke French. He happened by Eugene"s French restaurant speaking to a Basque gardener who told him the restaurant owner was Austrian and spoke the language. He went in, told him about his cooking experience and was hired on the spot. He also worked at the Riverside and Mapes Hotels, Andre"s Big Hat, the Bonanza and Santa Fe Hotel under Martin Esain. After a 17 year hiatus working with his cousin at A&F Millwork, Louis returned to the restaurant business opening Louis' Basque Corner on December 23, 1967. Despite naysayers, he served 300 meals that first night. The rest is history.

He ran the restaurant 24/7 for 43 years, retiring in 2010. Whether it was the home made soup, the fresh ingredients for the daily specials, the loaves of fresh bread or the wheels of cheese, only the very best was selected by Louis for his customers."This isn't just a business of feeding people," he would say. "It's a romance. Many people come in here as customers and leave as friends." Agur! Pop. Rest in peace.

Louis was preceded in death by his wife, Lorraine, son, Dr. Fred Moberly, granddaughter, Layla Elder, sisters, Marguerite and Angele, brothers, Henri and Michel. He is survived by his daughters, Therese Elder, Margi Silonis and Marybeth Quintana,10 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren, and sisters, Rita and Amalie in Mauleon. A special thanks to Michelle Brasshier, Kurt Franke and his grandchildren, Angel and Desyre Mendoza, Natalie Lara for their special care and concern in his last years.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, August 26, 2017 at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Reno at 10 A.M. Reception will follow at Louis' Basque Corner.

Published from July 26 to Aug. 24, 2017 in Reno Gazette-Journal,


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