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Carolina Maria Zamora

Carolina Maria Zamora
Carolina Maria Zamora

2016/11/18 - Antioch, AEB

(Aug 30, 1933 - Nov 18, 2016)

Carolina passed away surrounded by her family. She was born on the 30th of August 1933. Her father, Sixto Arellano and mother, Josefina Chacon, were born Spanish speaking Basques whose ancestors came from Spain several cenuries ago. She was born into a large family of eight boys and eight girls.  She obtained her high school diploma from a correspondent school and got an AA degree from Diablo Valley College. Her major was secretarial work. She worked as a secretary for several companies before she got a permanent position at Kaiser Permanente.

She married Joseph Zamora an Army Air Force veteran who was in college studying to become a teacher. Their family consisted of five children, two girls and three boys, Pysche, Roxanne, Anthony, Cid and Joseph.

Carolina was very active in the political field and invested in real estate. She and her husband bought and sold many homes in California and Colorado. They attended and supported the First  Congregational Church and supported many Bay Area politicial leaders.  Carolina was elected  to represent the Demorcratic Party in Miami and New York conventions during the Clinton terms.

Carolina and her husband started a non-profit organization known as Becas Hispanicas, Inc. They raised thousands of dollars every year and gave many grants to Hispanic students at Antioch High School and Deer Valley High School. The Zamora Trust will continue to give scholarships to the Hispanic students.

The Zamora's enjoyed traveling, they visited Mexico when their children were young. Years later when retired they made three trips to Europe, visiting Spain, France and Italy. 

Carolina was full of joy and happiness and made everbody laugh with her sense of humor. She was very courageous and out spoken, with no fear of speaking in public meetings and giving proper direction necessary to settle disputes. When the Antioch City Council voted not to build a new library in Antioch, she, as a representative of Friends of the Library, stood up and spoke for five minutes. The council changed their mind and voted unanimously for a new library.

Carolina made many friends in all areas of public life. She will be greatly missed by her friends and family.

Survivors are husband Mr. Joseph T. Zamora, daughter Psyche Murillo, daughter Roxanne Solak (Bob) , son Cid Zamora , son Anthony Zamora from Tucson, Arizona, and son Joseph R. Zamora of Coos Bay, Oregon (Jodi). Granddaughters Heather Hansen (Peter), Alexandra E. Solak, Itza Zamora, Sesame Zamora, Jasmine Zamora, Tessa Zamora, Arielle Rourke (Kyle), Grandsons Tony Murillo, Zach Solak and Zachary Zamora. Great grand children Mollie Murillo and Lukas Hansen.

(Published in East Bay Times on Nov. 27, 2016)


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