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Exhibit Spurs & Bota Bags: A Retrospective, featuring photographs by Linda Dufurrena, at Northeastern Nevada Museum (Elko Daily Free Press-en)


A reception for the exhibit Spurs & Bota Bags: A Retrospective, featuring photographs by Linda Dufurrena, is slated Feb. 2 at Northeastern Nevada Museum. On a Basque ranch in Nevada, one might be a sheepherder one day and a cowboy the next. The first Basque herders who scrambled to gain a foothold in the new world in the decades after 1900 took their wages in sheep; eventually they were able to build the herds that allowed them to put down roots.

Lotura: Elko Daily Free Press

Basque ranchers in the post-World War II economy expanded their sheep outfits to include cattle, and while some outfits sold their sheep, others have kept their herds to continue the Basque-American family tradition.

The Dufurrena family outfit is an example of one of those ranches. Linda Dufurrena’s collection of photographs is a look back at nearly 40 years photographing friends and neighbors, sheepherders and buckaroos, and their four-legged companions on the mountains and meadows of northwest Nevada. The images portray in the most honest way a rugged beauty that is Nevada.

Join Northeastern Nevada Museum for the Art of the West Reception and Great Basin Gear show during this year’s National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

Meet the artists and craftsmen while enjoying a libation from the historic Halleck Bar. Food and entertainment provided.

This exhibition is on view in Halleck Bar Gallery until April 8. For more information call 738-3418.

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