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Azken eguna dute Elkoko 55. Euskal Jaiek: Xabi Aburruzaga eta Aitor Uribarri kontzertuan


Non: Elko, AEB

Ostiraletik eta igandera arte, Elkoko 55. Euskal Jaiak.

Hona eguneroko programa ingelesez:

FRIDAY 6/29/2018 - At the Ormaza Block (located across the street from the Star Hotel); 
Come to Ormaza Way to kick off this years’ Basque Festival Festivities!
-Bar opens at 5:00pm 
-Enjoy homemade paella $5, and chorizo sandwiches $5. 
-Kickoff commences at 6:00pm with Basque dancing, weightlifting & woodchopping exhibitions. 
-Special performance by Basque Musicians XABI ABURRUZAGA and AITOR URIBARRI (brought to by Elko Euzkaldunak Club & Basque Museum and Cultural Center).
-Following dance performance & exhibitions, XABI ABURRUZAGA will take you on a Kalejira stopping at various restaurants/bars in the area; playing a few songs at each one. Kickoff on the block wraps up at 8:00 pm but kalejira will be ongoing... 

SATURDAY 6/30/2018
-11:00 join us for the annual 4th of July parade. Find your favorite spot along the parade route downtown and enjoy various performances and exhibitions!

-1:00 pm opening ceremonies at the Elko Basque Center: 1601 Flagview Drive, Elko
-Featured performer XABI ABURRUZAGA will be performing at various times through the day. Entrance fee $5.00/Family $10
-The bar will be open and there will also be pallea and chorizo sandwiches ($5)
-Vendors will be on hand selling some great merchandise including shoes and Clothing!
-Enjoy weightlifting exhibitions (with a few surprises) as well as wood chopping. You don’t want to miss this!
-Elko’s very own Ariñak Dancers will perform with Visiting Basque Dancing Groups: Boise Oinkaris and Winnemucca Irrintzi Dancers!
-Music performances by XABI ABURRUZAGA and AITOR URIBARRI.

SATURDAY NIGHT DANCE ($10 entrance fee): 
-9:00 pm to 1:00 a.m (Bar will be open selling soda, water and various wine, Beer and liquors)
-An epic night of featured performers: XABI ABURRUZAGA and AITOR URRIBARRI
-Guest performers: Melodikoa featuring Mercedes Mendive, Ken Harriman, Beau Steward and Janet Iribarne. Special Guest Mark Bolding. Sound provided by Ryan Cassell.

SUNDAY 7/1/2018
Come on back to the Elko Basque Center (1601 Flagview Drive, Elko) for a final full day of dancing and exhibitions!!! 
-11:00 Mass with father Anton, Shaela Zaga, Janet Iribarne and Teresa Franzoia
-1:00 Festivities begin!  XABI ABURRUZAGA and AITOR URIBARRI will delight you with incredible music to kickoff the Sunday festivities!
•chorizos and paella for sale throughout the day ($5 each)
•Dinner tickets $16 - treat yourself to a magnificent lunch/dinner which includes homemade desserts.
• there will be performances by Boise Oinkaris, Winnemucca Irrintzi and Elko Arińak dancers.
• weightlifting and wood chopping exhibitions (with a few surprises you don’t want to miss).
• vendors on site selling their great merchandise!
• dance and irrintzi competitions!

This whole weekend is a fantastic family friendly event. We are especially excited to bring you featured performers and recording artists XABI ABURRUZAGA and AITOR URIBARRI all the way from the Basque country. They are a phenomenal duo that you won’t want to miss!!!

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