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Welcome to Euskadi: Idaho TV visits the Basque Country preparing the ground for soccer game


Idaho Channel 7 KTVB is in the Basque Country visiting places and reporting about the Basque cultural, culinary, tourism and sports reality, as an advance to the game that Athletic Bilbao soccer team will play in Boise against Tijuana Xolos next July 29. There is a big expectation surrounding the so call Basque Game, that is a part of the Jaialdi 2015 Boise Basque festival celebrations. Tickets on sale. This video is the first of a series introducing the Basque Country to the American general audience. Boisean Xanti Alcelay is part of the KTVB crew working these days in the Basque Country. More videos here.

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InCycle UCI World Tour: an overview on the panorama of Basque cycling


Video by InCycle presenting an overview and summarizing the panorama of cycling in the Basque Country. It explains the reality of this sport that raises so many adhesions among the Basques, talking about the needs in this field that gave in this small European corner a hign number of names and contributions to global cycling.  Supporters and professionals express their testimony ont the steps to take in order to keep Basque cycling in the relevant place it has had in recent years in the international scene.

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Video-interview in Chicago with Basque pianist Josu Okiñena and Amaia Gabantxo on Basque Music


JOSU OKIÑENA IN CHICAGO. Basque pianist Josu Okiñena visited this city in Illinois to participate in a program of the Koldo Mitxelena Chair at the University of Chicago and he was interviewed by the Pianoforte Foundation on Basque music. Amaia Gabantxo, Basque Language and Culture Institute lecturer of the Etxepare Basque Institute in the university also participated in the interview, as an introduction to the work of Okiñena and the Basque musical creation, as reported by Kulturklik.

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Movie at the program "Strata: Portraits of Humanity" on the Elko Basques and their Annual National Basque Festival


The March, 2015 chapter of the program Strata: Portraits of Humanity of the Archaelogy Channel in the US broadcasted a video dedicated to the Elko Basques and the traditional Basque festival they yearly organize around the 4th of July. The images belong to the 2014 edition of the festival, with dancers of the Basque dance groups from Elko (NV), Chino (CA), Boise (ID), Salt Lake City (UT), Buffalo (WY), Reno (NV) and San Francisco (CA), and interviewing among others Teresa Franzoia Anacabe, Jean Flesher, John Ysursa, Bob Echeverria, Gratien Etchebehere, Jess Lopategui and Ramon Zugazaga. After the general introduction, the Basque video begins at 8' 40". Enjoy it!

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An amateur video of the Basque Lapurdian coast with Hegoak singed by Maialen, Mixu and Xabaltx


Amateur Video uploaded in February 2015 with images taken throught the Basque coast of Lapurdi, from Getaria-Guétary, Donibane Lohizune-St Jean de Luz, Ziburu-Ciboure, Urrugne-Urrugne, the Castle of Abbadia, Larrun mountain on the horizon, Hendaia ... a succession of beautiful landscapes accompanied by the singing Txoria Txori, known by some as Hegoak, in the voice of Maialen, Mixu and Xabaltx. Dedicated to the deceased Mixu, who visited and singed with his partenairs to/with his friends in the Diaspora.

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The mistery of the Basque Language


Joseba Etxebarria in a screen of the documentary

Azkue Fundazioa and Euskararen Etxea (The House of the Basque Language) are the two cultural institutions based in Bilbao, Bizkaia who produced this documentary and put it in the internet in 2012. Thinking that maybe some of our readers would enjoy watching it, here it is the English version of the movie (if you would like to watch the original Basque version or the one in Spanish you can go to the top pf the page and change the language to the one you prefer). Enjoy!

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Message of the Head of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa to the Diaspora for the International Day of the Basque Language 2014


As Deputy General of Gipuzkoa --Head of the Council of that Basque Territory-- Martin Garitano has sent a video message to the Basques in the Diaspora on the occasion of the celebration today, December 3rd, of the ENE (Euskararen Nazioarteko Eguna) or International Day of the Basque Language. Garitano thanks his fellow citizens living abroad for their important contribution to preserve and to transmit Euskera. The message has been recorded in Basque with subtitles in Spanish, French, English or Catalan.

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Basque Argentine National Week 2014: 'kalejira' or parading throught the streets of La Plata


Parading in a Basque popular way to call people to take part in the Basque festival.

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Basque Argentine National Week 2014, Choir's Gathering: all choirs singing together


The gathering ended with the four participant choirs singing together Bagare, accompanied by trikitixa and tambourin.

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Basque Argentine National Week 2014, Choir's Gathering: Denak Bat choir of Cañuelas


The choir of the Denak Bat Basque Club of Cañuelas singing Maitia nun zira at the La Plata Basque Nationak Week's Choir Meeting, at the Municipal Palace of the capital city of the province of Buenos Aires.

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