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Celebration of San Inazio, Saint Ignatius Day at the Arrecifes Basque Club in Argentina


Members of the local Basque dance group Ugarritzak dancing at the festival in the Basque headquarters of Euskaldunak Denak Bat

The celebration that the Euskaldunak Denak Bat Basque Basque Center of Arrecifes organized every year for Saint Ignatius is one of the oldest if not the oldest celebration of the day of the Basque saint in Argentina and the entire diaspora. The video, recorded by members of the Arrecifes euskal etxea, shows different images of the 2014 edition.

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Recovering traditional dancing on the streets of Euskal Herria


The members of Aiko dance group are doing a great job in restoring the Basque dances were they belong: to the streets and squares of Euskal Herria, and doing so in a playful, fun and colourful way. This video shows us an open workshop in Otxandio (Bizkaia), on the 24th of March of 2013. Afterwards, the dancers gathered in a lively luncheon at the Korostondo restaurant. There are more Aiko workshops coming; want to join them? Check their web at

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Korrika video from London!


Korrika 18 is coming to London on March 23rd, with a party organized by the London Basque Society. The club has also recorded a Korrika pantomime for the "Korrika Klip" video contest. Check it out! Korrika badator!

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Enjoy the group Hinka and their song Begira


Comprised of six musicians, Hinka proposes a music fueled by traditional Basque rhytms. The group announces that next summer they will jump into the stages of the Basque Country to perform live. As an advancement enjoy this video, 'Begira'. To contact them email or phone Maitena: (33) (0) 626 265984. Zorte on, good luck to the new group!

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Centennial of Euskal Erria Basque Club, in Montevideo


Euskal Erria Basque Club, in Montevideo, celebrated its 100th anniversary during 2012 with several activities and events. This video shows some memorable moments of this Centennial year. Zorionak Euskal Erria!

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From Trafalgar Square in Basque


London Basque Society celebrated the International Day of Euskara from the very heart of London: the famous Trafalgar Square and the stairs of the renowned National Gallery Museum, where they proclaimed their love of the Basque language. They shared this "Making of" video.

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Invisible worlds: talking with returned Basque Emigrants


Recently, the University of Deusto and the Bizkailab program, hosted a lecture on the experience of returned Basque Immigrants. Historians Pedro J.Oiarzabal and Nerea Mujika have researched their life stories and organized the conference, in order to make make this experience visible. This video, called "Passages of our lives: Exile, Emigration and Return to Bizkaia" compiles some of the emotional, sometimes heartbreaking, interviews the researchers made to those men and women. More information, at Oiarzabal's webpage:

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"Baztan" opens in cinemas


"Baztan", the debut of director Iñaki Elizalde, will be in Basque cinemas on October 5th. Its premiere is scheduled fot September 24th, in an special screening at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

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"Bertsolari" at the San Francisco BCC


This Friday, September 14th, the documentary "Bertsolari" will kick off the fall season of the Basque Film Series of the BEO (Basque Educational Organization). The movie, a poetic approach to the art of bertsolaritza, will screened at the Basque Cultural Center (559 Railroad Av., South San Francisco). Director Asier Altuna will attend. The next day "Bertsolari" will be screened at the San Francisco Latino Film Festival.

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A Basque detective to protect a Wayuu princess


We read it on the Etxepare Basque Institute's website. The film Waayu: the Maracaibo girl "has all the elements that a thriller should: an impossible love, shootings, intrigue ... but in addition to these components, the film The Girl of Maracaibo has an added value: the diversity of languages . the film is recorded in Euskera, Spanish and wayuunaiki (the language of the waayu tribe). Basque actor Asier Hernandez is one of the stars of this movie that was released this month in Colombia."

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