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Linda Dufurrena photographer Winnemucca Nevada United States (USA)

Linda Dufurrena is a skilled photographer. Born in California and married to a Basque, she defines herself as a photographer and rancher. Her themes are landscapes, people of the Western US, as well as their way of life, sheepherders and the world of sheep. She has also done work in the Basque Country.

She started as a photographer in 1970 taking pictures at rodeos to later have them published in magazines. Many people appreciate her pictures, and so she has been called to decorate the walls of hotels and restaurants with her work. For example, John Ascuaga of John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino in Reno commissioned her to take photos to decorate his new restaurant Orozko. Her work can also be seen at the Carson Valley Inn, in Minden Nevada.

Basques always seem to appear in her photographs, one way or another, as she portrays Nevada’s traditional landscapes. Her photos of flocks of sheep and Basque sheepherders are very famous.

Linda’s gallery is located at her ranch north of Winnemucca.

Street address: 397 Denio Hwy 140

City: Winnemucca

City code: 89445

State/Province: Nevada

Country: United States (USA)

Phone: (775) 941-0357

Fax: (775) 941-0358


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