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J.T. Basque Bar & Restaurant Gardnerville Nevada United States (USA)

The main room of Gardnerville’s "J & T" Basque bar (photo
The main room of Gardnerville’s "J & T" Basque bar (photo
JT Basque Bar & Dinning Room
This wooden building that was brought from Virginia City to Genoa in 1895, and then later to Gardnerville, tells quite a story. It was purchased in 1954 by John and Grace Jaunsaras and Jimmy and Grace Trounday, thus its name the JT (Jaunsaras and Trounday). In 1960 Jean (and Shirley) Lekumberry and Jean's brother Pete Lekumberry, bought it and kept it Basque. Pete returned to the Basque Country and Jean continued the operation until 1993 when he died of a heart attack. Since that time his children, Mary Louise and Jean Baptiste Lekumberry have continued the business. The bar and restaurant reflect a western flavor, there is even a piano and a juke box that plays both American and Basque music. The bar houses a collection of hats as well as a dollar bill collection hanging from the ceiling. The Basque weekly Herria comes regularly from the Basque Country and is always available at the bar for customers to read. There is seating both inside and outside. Mary Louise speaks Basque as well as some French and Spanish. As her father used to say, "Andereak ez du ongi kozinatzen/ Ez da hortako dibortzatzen/ Segur nahi du promenatzera/ Ekarri JTrat afaltzera" (If your wife isn't a good cook, it's not a reason to divorce her, it must just mean that she wants a night out, so bring her to the JT for dinner). This has also been used in some of their advertisements, together with "Don´t shoot the bartender, he's half shot already".

Street address: 1426 Main Street

City: Gardnerville

City code: 89410

State/Province: Nevada

Country: United States (USA)

Phone: (775) 782-2074

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