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Donostia-San Sebastián. Today is the Day of the Basque Diaspora.  It is being celebrated for the first time with the intention of it becoming an annual event in the Basque Country as well as among Basques in communities around the world.  It was an old request that the current Directorate for the Basque Community Abroad has put into place. At the official event that will be held today in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Lehendkarai Urkullu will recognize the decisive contribution that the Basques have made in the world throughout history to the common trunk and will do so in this new context.  To the extent that it is accompanied by new ideas and renewing actions in relation to the Diaspora, it is welcomed.

This is as it has been understood and so many clubs around the world have gone to work to organize numerous activities to commemorate the date.  There is one community, some Basque communities and citizens in many places want to continue being, continue contributing, others even dedicate their persons, their effort, their time and excitement to involved in Basque.  The branches of the Tree of Gernika that was the bard, also Diasporic, Iparragirre.  It is a relationship in which the component of love and affection are basic, though not unique.  You have to find a cause that contributes to all.

As we said, today is a joyful day, a day of celebration that even us at are joining in on.

Zorionak to Basques around the world!

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