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Zorionak and our best wishes: the bulletin will return on February 1 to its daily appointment with our readers


Urte Berri On and our Best Wishes to you our readers, diasporakides, and Basques everywhere
Urte Berri On and our Best Wishes to you our readers, diasporakides, and Basques everywhere

Best regards, our friend/reader. With the end of this year, our project has completed over 15 years online and has seen 16 end/ beginnings of the year. This time the end of 2016 was not so good, but facing the new year we strive to remain optimistic with the idea that 2017 will bring us new opportunities. It has been a bad year in economic terms, but it has provided us the opportunity to feel and value the warmth of solidarity in the face of the hard blow that the non-renewal of the support traditionally provided by the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa for the bulletin meant. Our priority will be to increase our revenues and recover that partnership.


Donostia-San Sebastian.   Before anything else, we want to thank everyone of you who have written us over the last few days, or who have manifested your support on social media, or on your own websites.  These lines and your emotional support have once again made us feel part of this great family that the Basque Dispora is, Euskal Herria dispersed all over the world.  Dispersed geographically but focused and ready to work for its progress and survival.  This warmth and this support that we have felt, no doubt, encourages us, and gives us strength to continue working, paddling side by side with the rest of commited Basques around the world to advance at cruising speed in order to preserve and give the best future to our culture and identity.  That is the Diaspora that we like the most: active, militant and committed to carving out its/our best future.

As every year, will begin the year not publishing the bulletin in January, taking advantage of the fact that it's a summer month in Argentina and the Southern Cone, so many of our South American readers will be in vacation.  Anyway we will not stop and we will be working behind the scenes, especially this year when we will have to make new plans and adjustments, and get the most out of the resources that we have.  We will return on February 1, with new items, new sections and recuperated sections that we will let you know about, and for which we will need the collaboration of our readers. Yes, we count on you, since is a commited team effort, where each one is asked to freely volunteer, providing ideas, suggestions or maybe information or clues on topics or news of his or her Basque community that deserve to be told.

We will take advantage of January to make appointments with groups and institutions to find out what financial support we can get, given that we can’t repeat a year like 2016. We will try to make estimates even if we know that in our field many times this is not easy to get at the beginning of the year with some Basque institutions.  After elections in November and the beginning in December of a new term for lehendakari Urkullu we expect the Basque Government will finish in January the appointments that remain regarding Foreign Policy and Basque communities abroad. As a independent project originated in the Basque Diaspora we want to work together as far as this is possible with official institutions committed with the future of our culture and people abroad, complementing each other and summing efforts with that common objective.  In the case of the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa, we will try to renegotiate the situation, and find out why they withdrew their support in 2016 and figure out, to the best of our abilities, if there is anything we can do to fix the situation that has caused us so much harm.

After 30 years --yes, it was 1987-- of commitment with the Diaspora and over 15 online with the Euskal Kultura project (August 2001), we have the plans, the knowledge, expertice and the experience, and we still feel and believe strongly that many things can be made for our culture and people abroad; but we still need economical support, not a lot, but the minimum to keep going and be able to support our action of energizing and empowering the Basque communities and the Basque culture in the different countries they are set.

This last message of 2016 is one of gratitude.  Mila esker, eskerrik asko for being there.  We are optimistic that the New Year will provide us new opportunities.  It won’t let us down, but rather will force us to double our efforts.  Nobody will be able to say that we din’t try our hardest; the effort is totally worth it. The future of our people is always worth our bet effort.  You will find out the results if in a year we sign a 2017 end of the year note.

Urte Berri On and our Best Wishes to you all.  Badakizue gu non atxeman, gu non topatu. You know where to find us.

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