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Would you like to collaborate in the publication of Sarrionandia’s poems in Catalan? Support its crowdfunding campaign, here’s how


The anthology “És morta la poesia” will be presented next October
The anthology “És morta la poesia” will be presented next October


Pol-en Edicions in Barcelona is working on a translation of the book Hilda dago poesia? (Is Poetry Dead?) by Joseba Sarrionandia in hopes of publishing it in Catalan.  In order to do this though, they need help from people who can provide economic support for the project through crowdfunding on Verkami.  Pol-en Edicions is a cooperative and independent publisher.

Barcelona, Catalonia. Pamiela publishers in the Basque Country and Pol-en Edicions in Catalonia are working together to publish this work by renowned Basque writer Joseba Sarrionandia.  In this case, Is Poetry Dead?, and anthology that includes a new selections of poems by Sarrionandia himself.

In Catalan Es morta la poesia? The Basque-Catalan edition will include112 poems personally selected by the writer, grouped in 11 chapters.  The translation is being done by Ainara Munt Ojanguren, and editing by poet Victor Sunyol. Like all of the books at Pol-en Edicions it will be produced as a co-edition.

To carry out the project, community collaboration is needed and so they have launched a Crowdfunding campaign on the Verkami platform that can be accessed here. By participating in this campaign, you are not only helping them out, but you will also receive a copy of this book, or other titles, in exchange.

Pol-en Edicions is a cooperative, independent publisher that specializes in critical though.  Since 2012, it has published yearly a work of Basque literature in Catalan, in conjunction with Pamiela publishing in Pamplona.  As part of this project, they have already translated and published the following works by Sarrionandia, Som com moros dins la boira? (We are like Moors in the Fog?) and Jo no sóc daquí (I’m not from Here). És morta la poesia? Will be presented next October.

[Part of Sarrionandia’s poetry was set to music.  In the video, Sarrionandia in Basque and Catalan]

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