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Winners of the last 2016 raffle revealed: prizes are going to Navarre, Argentina, the US, and Uruguay


Winners in the last raffle for 2016
Winners in the last raffle for 2016


Finally, the six prizes turned into seven, since we raffled two copies of the classic “taco” calendar from Arantzazu.  The prizes are headed for Navarre (1), Argentina (4), the US (1) and Uruguay (1).  Participants came from 13 different countries and the number of entries was a little bit lower: 201.  Zorionak to all of our winners, and to everyone else, hang on until our next raffle in the beginning of February.

Donostia-San Sebastian.   The December raffle included these six prizes, that ended up being seven, having included  a second copy of the classic ‘taco’ calendar from Arantzazu.  Here is the list of prizes:

  1. NABO CalendarThe wall calendar that is published annually by the North American Basque Organizations, (NABO), the federation of Basque club in the US, essential for US Basque clubs, and if you win, also in your home.
  2. Arantzazuko egutegiaAnother calendar, although different from the first.  A classic in several homes in the Euskal Herria, daily friend of many Basques at a time when Basque was forbidden by Franco's dictatorship in Spain.  An 'analogic" complement for your life in this world of technology.
  3.   "Manex Pagola, bere kantagintza eta adibide" Book-CD (Elkar), Book-CD (Elkar), Who hasn’t sung songs like ""Urtxintxak ohianean?” Did you know it was written by the versatile and prolific Manex Pagola?  Book in Basque that tells his story and includes his songs.
  4.   "Euskera for Spanish Speakers", by Beatriz Fernández, libro (Erein)Informative book, written with scientific rigor, although entertaining and interesting.  It will surprise you.
  5.    "Herri Miña: Songs of Being Far Away and Return" (AusArts records- Klasikart). Basque songs for those who long for their country. Gathers 17 titles including: Agur Jaunak, Errimiña, ¡Ay Tierra Vasca! Ara non diran, Urrundik...
  6.    "Bidarte" CD by Patxi eta Konpania (Agorrila). Recently home from their tour of Argenitna.  The book that is obligatory for fans of Basque circle dances, for individuals and of course for Basque dance groups and euskal etxeas.

The winners are:

  1. Blanca Noemí Ramos Aparicio, who wrote from Iruñea-Pamplona, in Navarre (NABO Calendar)
  2. Maitena Etchepare, from Chascomús, Argentina; Kutz Arrieta, from Washington DC, (Arantzazu Calendar) 
  3. Maialen Alava Aranguren, from Buenos Aires, Argentina (CD-book "Manex Pagola, bere kantagintza eta adibide")
  4. Danilo Maytia, from Montevideo, Uruguay (book Basque for Spanish Speakers)
  5. José Antonio Echeverria Astorgano, from Muñiz, Prov. of Buenos Aires, Argentina (CD “Herri Miña: Songs of Being Far Away and Return")
  6. Aletxu Lamayer, from Cordoba in the Argentine province of the same name (CD "Bidarte")

Entries came from various countries and cities: Venezuela (Caracas); United States: New York (New York), Idaho (Boise), Washington DC, California (San Francisco, Burbank), Nevada (Elko), Florida (Miami), Illinois (Urbana); Argentina: Buenos Aires (CABA), prov. of Buenos Aires (San Pedro, Azul, Chacabuco, General Rodriguez, Bahia Blanca, Saladillo, La Plata, Olavarria, Chivilcoy, Cañuelas, Banfield, Arrecifes, Ayacucho, Tandil, Magdalena, Mar del Plata, Pilar, Muñiz, Chascomús, Necochea, Berisso, Ituzaingó, Victoria, Coronel Pringles, Las Flores, Pergamino, Maipú, Del Viso, San Nicolás), Río Negro (Viedma), La Pampa (Macachín), Santa Fe (Rosario, Esperanza), Chubut (El Hoyo, Puerto Madryn, Comodoro Rivadavia), Entre Ríos (Concordia, Paraná), Neuquén (Neuquén), Córdoba (Córdoba), San Juan (Villa Rawson), Mendoza (Mendoza, Godoy Cruz), Misiones (Posadas, Corpus Christi), Tucumán (San Miguel de Tucumán); Catalonia (Barcelona, Barberá del Vallés); Spain (Valladolid, Madrid, Alcobendas, Los Montesinos, Zaragoza); Brazil (Sao Paulo); Uruguay (Montevideo, San José de Mayo, Salto, Paysandú); Euskal Herria (Donostia-San Sebastian, Bilbao, Errenteria, Orio, Iruñea-Pamplona, Baiona, Irun, Eguesibar); Chile (Providencia, Santiago, Valparaíso); Canada (Edmonton, Alberta); Colombia (Barranquilla); and Israel (Jerusalem).

Zorionak to our winners!  You will receive your prize via certified mail.  The next raffle will take place in February. Urte Berri On!


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    Congrats, Kutz Arrieta

    Marc, 12/31/2016 19:37

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