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Vancouver, Canada’s Zazpiak Bat Basque club celebrated a Basque weekend in the country


The weekend began with dinner outside on Friday; the members of Zazpiak Bat were ready to celebrate (photo VancouverEE)
The weekend began with dinner outside on Friday; the members of Zazpiak Bat were ready to celebrate (photo VancouverEE)


For another year, following the tradition, members and friends of the Zazpiak Bat Basque club in Vancouver, spent the weekend in the country in the town of Merritt. The outing took place on the weekend of June 22-24, coinciding with Saint John's night, and of course the Basques of Vancouver lit a bonfire, “a small one,” according to them, in accordance with local laws, and they asked for good luck for the new cycle. Following a photo chronicle of the camping trip.

Vancouver, Canada.  The annual excursion of Vancouver’s Zazpiak Bat Basque club to the town of Merritt was a great success, “in spite of the bad weather,”  according to Basque club sources. Club members were lodged at the Nicola Ranch and had all of the facilities and the grounds of this countryside hotel at their disposal during the entire weekend. 

The Basque Weekend began with an “enlightened” potluck dinner, according to Zazpiak Bat members “by thunder and lightning, but this didn’t ruin anyone’s appetite,” with those in attendance sharing a homemade dinner in a pleasant atmosphere and among friends.  On Saturday, the participants regained their strength with a Canadian Ranch-style breakfast complete with pancakes with maple syrup, eggs, bacon, chorizos… Follow the sun came out in time for the kids to break a piñata in one of the most fun moments of the weekend. 

Vancouver Picnic Junio 2012 (5)

[Excited children just before the piñata (photo VancouverEE)]

Vancouver Picnic Junio 2012 (4)

[Another one of the weekend’s attractions was the Basque club’s mus tournament (photo VancouverEE)]

After the excitement the children joined the adults for an aperitif: a wonderful lamb BBQ.  At night “we had to eat dinner inside the Ranch since there was a downpour and we didn’t dare eat in our tents,” they explained.  “Later, after the storm passed we were able to celebrate the eve of San Juan with a bonfire, it might have been a little small but we had to conform to the rules of the area.  The party and music lasted until dawn.”

Vancouver Picnic Junio 2012 (2)

[The members settled inside the Nicola Ranch for dinner (photo VancouverEE)]

Vancouver Picnic Junio 2012 (3)

[Finally, the storm gave in to the will of the Basque revelers from Vancouver and they were able to light the bonfire for San Juan (photo VancouverEE)]

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