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Boise, Idaho to celebrate the 18th ‘Omenaldia’ Memorial Mass on November 2


The 18th 'Omenaldia' Memorial Mass in Boise will be celebrated at Sacred Heart Catholic Church (Photo: SHCC)

On Sunday, November 2, at 2:30 p.m., Boise will host the 18th ‘Omenaldia’ Memorial Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Oinkari female dancers and the Biotzetik Basque Choir will be part of the ceremony, that will be followed by a potluck at the church hall. “Around 80 people will be remembered, but the list is not completed yet; we are still receiving calls and messages,” as Patty Miller, director of the Basque Museum, told 


For the first time, the Trinquete at the Iparraldeko Euskal Etxea was the site for the “Tournament of Basque Clubs” of Buenos Aires


The Tournament of Basque club winners from the iparraldeko Euskal Etxea: Sebastián Mihura, German Schell, Andres Velasco and Francisco Recalde

Supported by a new group of pilotaris at the club who organized the championship, the Iparraldeko Euskal Etxea in Buenos Aires hosted and won the latest “Tournament of Basque Clubs” in Buenos Aires that included the participation of teams from the Centro Navarro and the Gure Echea Basque club.  Along with this news, the Subcomission of Culture invites everyone to the “Biperrren Pesta” or Pepper Festival on October 25th. 

Read more... presents a photo gallery with the best photos taken over the last ten years reporting on the Diaspora


Photo Gallery that can be found by scrolling to the end of the page.

It's going to be little by little. As part of the improvements being made by is the exciting project of a photo gallery that will include some of the best photos of life in the Diaspora.  We have been reporting since 2001, and so want to share photos of meetings, projects, people and dreams, with our readers.  The gallery that we will continue to add to each week, will include photos of all the Basque clubs and associations in the world and readers will be able not only to view them, but also comment on them, as well as share information with the rest of the readers.  We are beginning with a few photos and are inviting you to take a look and comment on them. 


Fermin Muguruza will perform on Wednesday in LA, with Basque artists Tania de Sousa and Niña Coyote & Chico Tornado


Fermin Muguruza with musicians and technicians during his tour in San Francisco (photoFerminMuguruzaFacebook)

Fermin Muguruza is currently on tour in North America with singer Tania de Sousa and the group from Donostia, Niña Coyote & Chico Tornado. Last Saturday they were in San Francisco and this Wednesday, they will play in Los Angeles.  On Saturday they will be in Baja California, Mexico, where they have a concert in the town of Mexicali that will include a retrospective of the documentaries that Muguruza has done in recent years. 


The San Juan Basque club participated with flag bearers and a stand at celebration of the Day for Respect for Cultural Diversity


The Basque stand, members of Eusko Txokoa in San Juan, including flag bearers, Yesica Orquera and Diego Landa and the two little ones Ailin Bernal and Joseba Landa

October 12 Argentina celebrates the Day for Respect for Cultural Diversity, as a national public holiday. As a part of that, the First Meeting of the Integration of Peoples was held at the Latin American Park in the Department of Albardon, in the Province of San Juan.  Invited by authorities form the House of Motril, the Basque club participated in the meeting with flag bearers and a stand and their children dressed for the occasion. 


The Basque Government invites Basques athletes to represent the Basque Country in the NY Marathon


Tne NY Marathon Basque Country t-shirt

Basque athletes participating in the New York marathon on November 2, will have the opportunity to run this renowned race representing the Basque Country. The Basque Government, invites participants from the Basque Country as well as members of the Diaspora to wear the t-shirt designed by the Basque Athletics Federation for this special occasion. The ones interested will get the t-shirt in the reception organized the day before. The project is a shared inictiave of the Basque Federation of Athletics, the Directorate of Youth and Sports of the Basque Government and the Delegation of Euskadi in the United States.


New headquarters for the Gerora Association in Cordoba, that is moving towards the end of the year with many activities


Students and professors that are members of Gerora in Cordoba at a Mintza Praktika – conversation practice at their new headquarters

The headquarters is located in a central location in the city and is a shared space with the “Mujer, Paz y  Desarrollo,” NGO (Women, Peace and Development) , an entity that provides space to the Basque association so that it can carry out part of its activities there. All moved in at Parana 197, Gerora has confirmed a vast program of activities from here until December that includes the Euskera Week and a Meeting on Minority Languages, among others. 


Izotz Aldana: “The Shanghai Basque club gives us strength and nourishes us, and not just with food”


Izotz Aldana is president of Shangaiko Euskal Etxea, the Basque Center of Shanghai

Izotz Aldana, originally from Gernika is 38 years old and has lived in Shanghai since 2010 where he went to open a new factory for the company in Arrasate he works for.  At first he had a hard time adapting.  Now he plans to stay in China for two more, and is currently the president of the only Basque club in the country.  


The Zingirako Euskaldunak representative from Chascomus was elected Queen of the 6th Immigrant Festival


Sol Mutuberria is the Queen of the Immigrant in Chascomus

Sol Marina Mutuberria is 16 years old, a dancer and in the main parade for Immigrant Day in Chascomus she was crowed the Queen of the 2014 Festival.  As part of the festivities, Don Lucio Lahurnagaray was also honored, originally from Zugarramurdi and the first club president.  It was a jam packed weekend for the Basque club that also presented its dance group and had a stand at the festival that took place at the local Liberty Plaza. 


Euskel Biotza in Roldan, Santa Fe, will gather area businesses at a workshop for managers and work team leaders


Euskel Biotza dantzaris performing at the Plaza San Martin in Roldan during the San Ignacio festitivites

The seminar/workshop provided as part of FEVA’s cultural offerings, will take place next Friday October 17th and will be run by Ricardo Basterra.  The event is part of the projects that the Basque club has lined up and that also includes an activity on Basque sports that will take place in 2015, among others.  In the meantime, the club has strengthened its membership and after celebrating San Ignacio with more than 200 guests, it is also planning on attending the Semana Nacional Vasca in La Plata. 


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