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This year’s first issue of "Euskal Jatorri" is now available online, the Posadas Basque Club magazine


Cover of Euskal Jatorri
Cover of Euskal Jatorri


In this issue of the Euskal Jatorri magazine, published by the Basque club of the same name, you’ll find a summary of the club’s 2017 activities, as well as a preview of new proposals that they are preparing this year.  The publication also develops different topics on the Basque culture and can be read online, and downloaded as a pdf. 

Posadas, Argentina.   The Basque club in Posadas began the year fulfilling one of the objectives that it had proposed to its board of directors: publishing another issue of its magazine.  In this first issue of Euskal Jatorri there is a special report on the Navarrese town of Zugarramurdi, with photos on the cover as well inside.

In its 16 pages, the magazine includes articles on Basque last names, gastronomy, Mus, dance, film and literature with the collaboration of references from the Basque community in Argentina, including Juan Carlos Ibarrola, Patxi Soraluze, Carlos Gabilondo and René Bergara.  Besides texts about Basque culture, Euskal Jatorri also includes a summary of the most important activities carried out by the club in 2017, and previews new additions for this year, like the beginning of chess classes, workshops on Basque and Basque music concerts.

Remember that the Posadas Basque Club inaugurated the magazine project in August of 2005, and has published continuously for ten years, in paper until 2013 and since then, in paper as well as digitally.

After two years, 2018 begins with issue 30, to give continuity to the publication.

Euskal Jatorri can now be read here, as well as be downloaded as a pdf. 

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