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Roger Sallas: “Catalans consider the Basque culture like a sister, different but still a sister”


Roger Sallas has been the Barcelona Euskal Etxea coordinator since last April (

With a degree in geography, Roger Sallas is a youth that has always been preoccupied by the world of culture and associations, revitalizing the neighborhood in his native Badalona.  Since April 2014, he is the force behind the Basque showcase in Catalonia which is Barcelona’s Euskal Etxea. 


Ramon Ysursa, a Basque institution in Boise, dies at the age of 95


Ramon Ysursa (photo

Ramon Ysursa passed away on Wednesday in Boise.  He was a well-known North-American Basque born in Boise and a unique member of the Basque community.  Ramon Ysursa is the father of the Idaho Secretary of State, Ben Ysursa, as well as of historian and Basque-American author John Ysursa, who served as NABO’s facilitator for years and is currently a professor at Boise State University and director of its Basque Studies Consortium. 


Dave Bieter, Boise’s Basque Mayor, travels with President Obama on Air Force One


Dave Bieter and Barack Obama getting off Air Force One (photo@BoiseWeekly)

He may have been the first Basque to travel on Air Force One.  Boise’s Mayor, Basque-American Dave Bieter, had to travel from Washington DC to Boise, and at the last minute got a friend to help him out.  The friend, Barack Obama and the means of transport, one of the most exclusive in the world: the presidential airplane Air Force One.  What did they talk about during the trip?  Well, among other things, his grandfather who came to the US as a sheepherder (vídeo)

Read more... incorporates a blog section with opinions, comments and reflections on the Diaspora


The new blog section, front page after the photo galleries is featuring a new section, a blog space signed by different people in the Basque Country as well as in the Diaspora that will include opinions, information, comments and reflections on Basque Diaspora and Culture topics.  First signer are Noel Elorga from Bidarrai, Lower Navarre; Pedro J. Oiarzabal, from the University of Deusto, in Bilbao; and Marita Echave, from Coronel Moldes, Argentina along with a post and a general presentation by Joseba Etxarri, director of You can see the posts on the front page, after the photo gallery.  Each blogger chooses his/her language, so that there will be entries in English, Basque, Spanish and French. 


The Basque trace in Cuba is still very present: success of the 11th Conference on the Diaspora “Euskal Herria Mugaz Gaindi”


Asier Vallejo, Director of the Basque Community Abroad during the inauguration of the conference along with Renato Garcia Eguskiza, Basque club president, William Douglass (CBS Reno) and a representative from the Ortiz Foundation (photoCubaEE)

The year has started strong for the Basque community in Cuba as it hosted the 11th edition of the international conference on the Basque Diaspora “Euskal Herria Mugaz Gaindi” on January 12-14th.  On this occasion, the main focus of the conference was the history of Basques in Cuba, and during the three days various researchs were presented on the topic. 


Alfredo Jover, Danborrada director: “Born in Donosti or in Mexico, the trick is to live and feel the Danborrada”


Alfredo Jover has directed the Tamborrada at the Euskal Etxea in Mexico since the 80s (

After the festivities in Donostia, the Diaspora continues its Tamborradas until Sunday.  They started at Basque clubs in Paris and New York, last weekend and next weekend they will take place in Madrid, Caracas, Murcia, Mexico, Valladolid and Shanghai


Tamborrada starts strong in the Diaspora: photo chronicle from festivities in Paris, New York, Madrid and Arrecifes


The Madrid Basque club celebrated with dinner the night before San Sebastian at the Jai Alai restaurant.  The name was prophetic, because it was a big party! (photo Madrid EE)

Before the flags went up in Donostia and Azpeitia, Basque clubs in Paris and New York were in charge of ushering in the Tamborrada festivities in the Diaspora last Saturday, beginning a party that will jump from club to club all week long.  On Monday Madrid, Barcelona, Arrecifes and Lima followed suit; on Tuesday Necochea and coming soon, Mexico, Murcia, Caracas, Valladolid and Shanghai.  We leave you with some photos of what’s happened to date; more to come!


Berri Txarrak coming to Bordeaux and Paris on its 2015 tour; last on to Madrid, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Berlin and Texas…


Berri Txarrak will be in Bordeaux the day after tomorrow

Berri Txarrak fans in the Diaspora will soon have the opportunity to see the Navarran group live during its 2015 tour to present its latest work Denbora da poligrafo bakarra (Time is the only Polygraph). The tour began in Donostia with four historic concerts that sold out.  This Friday they will be in Bordeaux and on Saturday in Paris.  Afterwards they will be in Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt and just announced a concert in the US, in Texas. 


Tamborrada begins tomorrow in the Diaspora played by the Basque clubs in Paris and New York


Last year in Necochea the Tamborrada was accompanied by the Municipal Band.  The Basque club children also participated by playing on wooden tablets that were given to them by the Gaztelubide Society from Donostia (photoNechocheaEE).

The sounds of the Tamborrada will begin this year in Paris and New York where the respective Basque clubs have invited members and friends to celebrate tomorrow.  Once the party begins there will be no rest through all of next week.  Of course, in Azpeitia and Donostia, the place it was originated, but also in Madrid, Barcelona, Arrecifes, Necochea (where the Donostia festival is a major event that includes an entire week of activities), Caracas, Murcia, Mexico, Valladolid, Shanghai….


The Euskal Etxea in Miami is organizing a “Winter Basque Festival” to raise money for Joseba Larrazabal


Joseba Andoni Larrazabal in an archive photo.  All proceeds of the event will be donated to him.

The Miami Basque club has begun the year inviting everyone to a special event n February 21.  The event is called “1st Annual Winter Kirolak Picnic & Paella Competition” and will include paella, food, good wine, music, herri kirolak, mus and a great Basque time.  All proceeds will go to Joseba Larrazabal. 


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