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The Union Vasca Basque Club in Bahia Blanca: 32 years in a row at the local Rural Society Exhibition


The “Basque BBQ” at the Rural Society in Bahia Blanca
The “Basque BBQ” at the Rural Society in Bahia Blanca


The Union Vasca Basque Club is one of the oldest and most active in the province of Buenos Aires.  For example, all you have to do is take a look at its agenda over the last few weeks, where besides their regular offerings including dance, Euskera and pilota, they also welcomed a visit by the Uzturre Munduan group from the Basque Country.  The Basque entity also participated for the 32time in a row at the Rural Society Exhibition with its traditional “Basque BBQ.” 

Bahia Blanca, Argentina.   The activity requires a solid work team and the Union Vasca has one.  Every year, dantzaris of all ages, dance directors, members of the board and friends of the club and give form and create the content for the club’s stand at the Rural Exhibition.  As explained to by Juan Manuel Lopetegui, club president, “more than 30 years ago, when the father of a dantzari was the director of the rural society, we were invited to participate with a food stand; we started then and we have continued ever since.  It is very important for the club because it provides income for us,” Lopetegui said.

At the “Basque BBQ,” besides providing typical dishes, we also provide other items and beverages.  We always have Ikurriñas, Lauburus and other Basque symbols as decoration.

Uzturre Munduan

In hopes of repeating last year’s great experience, in 2017 representatives of the Uzturre Munduan group returned to Bahia Blanca during their tour of Argentina.  During a week, young Basques from Bizkaia taught workshops in music, dance and Basque culture in general.  At the end of the week, the club sent them off with a farewell dinner.

In the coming months, the club in Bahia is already thinking about Semana Vasca in San Nicolas, that they attend every year with a large delegation of dantzaris and their companions.  They will also close the 2017 festivities, according to Lopetegui, by celebrating Euskera Day in the beginning of December.

News from the Union Vasca can be seen on the club’s website: as well as on Facebook Unión Vasca

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