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The Mar del Plata Basque Club has begun its 75th anniversary and announces the date for Semana Vasca 2018


Jaialdi 2018 in Mar del Plata
Jaialdi 2018 in Mar del Plata


The host of SNV 2018, has announced the date for the festival: it will begin on October 29 and will run through the first week of November.  Moreover, this is also the beginning of Denak Bat’s anniversary festivities with an interesting proposal of music, dance, and food, not only at the clubhouse but also outside.  This weekend also coincides with the celebration of the first FEVA board meeting in “la Feliz”

Mar del Plata, Argentina.  The Denak Bat Basque Club in Mar del Plata celebrates 75 years and will do so throughout the year with a great array of activities.  Among these, the largest and best attended will surely be Semana Nacional Vasca that returns this year to the coastal city.  Organizers are already deep in preparation, and have announced the dates.  The largest gathering in the Argentine Diaspora will take place October 29-November 4.

Jaialdi 2018

Jaialdi, the Basque Cultural Festival in Mar del Plata, celebrated its third edition this year attracting neighbors and tourists to their outdoor activities, specifically at the Plaza de los Artesanos, where they builted a stage for the music and dance show.  There, and under the direction of Miguel Vicente, the club’s local drummers accompanied by those from Necochea and Buenos Aires played the typical songs from the Tamborrada in Donostia.

This was followed by dances by all the groups at Denak Bat.  The txikis danced: Ipurdi Dantza, Fandango, Arin Arin, Polka, Txulalai, Makilak and Orpo Punta; Intermediated did; Arcos Mixtos, Arcos de Flores, Ezpatadantza, Kuadrille, Fandango and Suite. And the adults performed: Arcos, Suletino, Aurresku, Matakulebra, Fandango and San Miguel de Aralar

After the dance performance in the plaza, those present gathered at the clubhouse where they enjoyed a varied gastronomic offering with pintxos, txistorra, paella and tortilla; as well as an interesting cultural proposal with stands about Euskera, a photo exhibit of farmhouses; typical Basque clothing; a play area for kids, genealogy, sports and instruments.  The dance and music show continued throughout the night and the second part included a performance by the club’s choir.

FEVA Meeting

During the festivities, the first 2018 FEVA board meeting also took place in Mar del Plata.  Attending this meeting were FEVA president, Hugo Andiazabal, Juan J. Olasagastia, vice-president 1; Arantxa Anitua, vice-president 2; Javier Ederra, secretary; María Cristina Arregui, treasurer; club directors and their representatives: Susana Mendizabal (Olavarria), Carlos Miguelena and Ethel Arregui (Pergamino), María Ángeles Oñederra (José. C. Paz), Arantxa Zubillaga (Necochea), Gerardo Bautista Echeverria (Villa María), Asier Iriberri Plazaola and Juan González (Mar del Plata), Damián Cebey (San Nicolás), Pablo Pavesa (Chacabuco) and auditor, Ana Idígoras. At the meeting, those present were informed about the Summer Barnetegi, and the date was set for the General Assembly that will take place on April 21, as well as establishing the 2018 program of activities. 

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