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The main international Mus events for 2018 are already underway: MercoMus in April and the World Cup in September


Some of the 2018 Mus activities
Some of the 2018 Mus activities


The MercoMus Tournament in April in Latin America and the International Tournament in Macachin, Argentina in September are the largest international tournaments in Basque Mus.  MercoMus will take place April 11-15 in Montevideo.  National Champions will then compete other winners at similar tournaments that will be held in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay...The World Mus Tournament will take place in Macachin, Pampa Argentina September 22-October 1.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.   MercoMus, regional Mus tournament that includes the participation of Basque clubs in Latin America will be held this year in Montevideo, Uruguay at the Centro Euskaro Basque club on April 11th. The event will begin at 9pm with a toast to welcome the 14 participating teams from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Uruguay, and will conclude on the 15th with the awards ceremony and a farewell dinner.  This is the fourth time that Uruguay hostes MercoMus, having also hosted in 1998, 2011 and 2015.  Remember that around 2002 there was a question of continuing the tournament due to the economic crisis.

As part of Mercomus, organizers also offer muslaris and their companions a program of visits and tours during their free time.  Some of the outings this year will include to the Mirador Municipal, the Legislative Palace, the old part of the town (museums and fairs) and to the local Market after a tour in the touristic bus.

National Championships

At the national level, Basque clubs in various countries are organizing tournaments to determine who will represent each country at the International Mus Tournament. In Argentina, the national tournament will be held August 17-19 in Chascomus at the Zingirako Euskaldunak Basque Club.  In the United States, the Txoko Ona Basque Club in Homedale, Idaho will host the national tournament on June 2nd.  In Uruguay, it will again take place at Euskaro with a date TBD, but as part of the club’s 107th anniversary that will be celebrated on June 29th.  In Chile, for example, in mid-April there will be tournaments to determine who will cross the Andes to participate in the tournament in Macachin.

World Mus Championship “Manolo Arriola Memorial”

The 41st edition of the World Championship of Mus will take place in La Pampa in the city of Macahin September 22-October 1, 2018.  "The tournament is entitled, the 'Manolo Arriola Memorial,' in honor of the individual who worked not only at the local level at Argentine Basque clubs for mus, but also at the International level for the International Federation of Mus,” organizers explained.

Anyone traveling to the Pampa will also have the opportunity to get to know the area better through organized tours through the countryside. 

Information in general about the International Mus Tournament, as well as information about outings etc, will be available soon on its Facebook page: Federación Argentina de Mus as details are firmed up.

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