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The fundraiser event organized by Bardenay in support of Boiseko Ikastola was “extremely successful”


Some of the Ikastola friends that joined the fundraiser evening at Bardenay (Henar Chico)
Some of the Ikastola friends that joined the fundraiser evening at Bardenay (Henar Chico)


On Monday, Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery of Boise organized a fundraiser event in support of Boiseko Ikastola. 20% of all profits made between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. shall be donated to the Basque school in Boise (ID). The event was “extremely successful,” as Mara Davis, director of the Ikastola, told

Boise, USA. “There were more people than I expected,” pointed out Davis that spent the whole afternoon at Bardenay. Annie Gavica, education specialist at the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, highlighted the fact that “the crowd was very diverse.” “There were a lot of people I didn’t know, regular Bardenay goers, and there were also Basque and Ikastola families.”

Bardenay hanged a banner in the entrance, letting the customers know that that was a fundraiser evening for Boise’s Basque preschool. And there were also a couple of Ikastola pictures inside as Henar Chico, webmaster of A Basque in Boise and mother of two former Ikastola students, told

Mara Davis thought it was going to be tough to convince Basque families to join the fundraiser night but in the end it was not. She thinks it could be because even “having dinner out is like a trip for the kids.” Gavica pointed out that the fundraiser organized by Bardenay is very convenient, since there are no volunteers needed, and she believes that that might also have encouraged more people to take part.

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