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The Euskaltzaleaok and Laurak Bat Basque Clubs in Valencia have announced the 4th Letters from the Diaspora Contest


Poster for the 4th Letters of the Diaspora Contest organized by the Euskaltzaleok and Laurak Bat Basque Clubs in Valencia
Poster for the 4th Letters of the Diaspora Contest organized by the Euskaltzaleok and Laurak Bat Basque Clubs in Valencia


This contest aims to support and stimulate the use of Euskera in the heart of the Basque clubs and communities, organized by the Euskaltzaleok and Laurak Bat Basque Clubs in Valencia, in two categories: those who are studing Basque and native or fluent speakers.  The originals should be sent via email by January 20th.

Valencia, Spain.   Organizing Basque clubs include Euskaltzaleok and Laurak Bat, and due to the success of the last three contests, they have again launched a new edition, the 4th Diasporaren Gutunen Lehiaketa (4th Letters from the Diaspora Contest) with the following rules:

  1. Participating letters must be written in the Basque language in any of its variations, be unpublished and have not been awarded prizes in any other contest 
  2. The maximum length of the letters shall be two (2) pages spacing set at 1.5, Arial font and size 12 single-sided. The literary genre should be the epistolary and free theme.
  3. The contest is organized into two categories: A - people who are learning the Basque language; B native speakers or people who communicate normally in Basque.
  4. The works shall be sent by e-mail with a title or a slogan, as well as the category to which it opts, name, surname, address and phone number of the author and address
  5. The works should be sent to: with the subject "Letters from the Diaspora Contest.” The works may also be mailed or brought in person to Laurak Bat (C / Maria Jordan 6, bajo) or Racó de la Corbella (C / Maldonado 46, bajo). The deadline for submission is January 20, 2017
  6. The jury will be composed of people representing the Basque world in Valencian culture and representatives from Euskaltzaleok Euskal Etxea and the Centro Vasco-Navarro Laurak Bat
  7. The jury's decision will be final and the prize in each of the two categories can be declared void. The Organization of the competition reserves the right to publish submitted works
  8. The prize will be a selection of books in Basque for each one of the two categories
  9. The awards ceremony will take place during a gala literary dinner after the jury’s verdict, on January 27th at Laurak Bat in Patraix, Valencia (C / Maria Jordan 6, bajo)
  10. Participating in the contest implies acceptance of these conditions
  11. The non-winning works will be destroyed. The winning letter will become property of the Organizing Committee of the contest

Complete contest rules here sent by the organizers.

- Euskaltzaleok website:
- Laurak Bat website:

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