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The call for Basque club Euskera grants has been published for the 2017-2018 term


Resolution for Basque club grants for Basque instruction 2017
Resolution for Basque club grants for Basque instruction 2017


The Official Bulletin of the Basque Country (EHAA-BOPV) as included the Resolution of September 15, 2017 in its latest issue from the Director General of HABE which regulates grants to Basque clubs for Euskera instruction during the period of October 2017-September 2018.  Now approved the total budget to be awarded is 234,000 Euros. 

Vitoria-Gasteiz.  Just over two weeks ago, published a note in relation to the approval by the Council of the Basque Government of the budget of 234,000 to support Basque instruction in Basque clubs.  After that approval, the decision is now in affect after its publication in the EHAA-BOPV.

The Official Bulleting of the Basque Country (EHAA-BOPV), included in the edition published on Monday, October 2nd, the Resolution signed September 15, 2017, by the General Director of HABE that regulates the grants for Basque clubs who are teaching Basque in their clubs from October 2017-September 2018.

Yesterday, Tuesday, October 3rd, begun the period of one month to apply and fit into this call.

The entire resolution if available here.

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