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The baton has been passed at the New England Basque Club: Juan Mari Aramendi and Ander Caballero are the new president and vice-president


Photo of the New England Basque Club members at a recent event
Photo of the New England Basque Club members at a recent event


The New England Basque Club has announced a change in its direction.  The Basque club that gathers Basques in this region that includes some six states from north of New York to Canada, has new leadership since September with Juan Mari Aramendi and Ander Caballero serving as president and vice-president respectively.  Passing the baton after years of work are Sergio Sotelo and Naiara Azpiri.  Zorionak, eskerrik asko and good luck to the four of them!

Boston, MA, USA.  It is more of a redistribution of roles than a substitution, since Sergio Sotelo and Naiara Azpiri will continue to serve as board members under Juan Mari’s and Ander’s leadership.

Sergio and Naiara have coordinated the club’s activities for years, setting the annual calendar of events for the club that began as the Rhode Island Basque Club, to alter become known under its current name and to gather members from various states in the New England region.

On this occasion the club wanted to once again thank Sergio and Naiara for all of their work and show their confidence in the future i this new phase that begins with Juan Mari Aramendi as President and Ander Caballero as Vice-President.

“The time has arrived at the New England Basque Club (NEBC) for some changes. After years coordinating the efforts at the NEBC, Sergio Sotelo and Naiara Azpiri have decided to step down as President and Vice President of our organization. They'll still be part of our Board, which means we’ll continue to enjoy their good energy and cheerfulness. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their time and generous dedication. Eskerrik asko, Sergio and Naiara!”
The new board of directors is now comprised of the following individuals: Sergio Sotelo, Naiara Azpiri, Roberto Guerenabarrena, Ismael Biurrun, Ricky Sotil, Andrea Jones-Berasaluce, Kattalin Berriochoa, Eduardo Arrieta, Jose Ramon Aja, and Raul Blanco-Basterretxea, again under the direction of its new president and vice-president.

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