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The “Basque Roots-Euskal Sustraiak” Program in La Plata the voice of the local community won a 2018 Galena prize


Lelio Sanchez and Magui Pastor Pulido, two of the commentators of “Basque Roots-Euskal Sustraiak”
Lelio Sanchez and Magui Pastor Pulido, two of the commentators of “Basque Roots-Euskal Sustraiak”


La Plata, Argentina. The Galena Awards, that are presented annually by the Galena Organization and La Plata Publicity celebrated their 29th edition always “defending the Independence of information," locally made and broadcasted This is why they award the work done by social communicators in media whether print, TV, radio or the internet.  The 2018 awards were presented last Sunday and among the distinguished productions was the local “Basque Roots-Euskal Sustraiak” program.

The current program, linked to the Euzko Etxea in la Plata has been on the air since 2016, and is let today by Lelio Sanchez, Andoni Etcheverry and Magui Pastor Pulido.  Its contents specifically addresses Basque culture and activities in the local and national Basque community.  The program is aired on Mondays from 6-7pm on Radio Alta Voz and can found online here:

In a conversation with, Lelio Sanchez expressed his joy for the recognition for the program itself as well as for the Basque club.  “Certainly the award makes us very happy and encourages us to continue in 2019 always hoping to bring new things to our listeners, innovating and not getting stuck in a rut. It is an award for the work that we have been doing, and is important to everyone,” Lelio said on his last broadcast of 2018.

Facebook, Raíces Vascas-Euskal Sustraiak

[Words of thanks by Lelio Sánchez when receiving the award]

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