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Pilota Besta, Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Construction of Bidart Family Fronton in Chino, California


Some of the pilota players that participated in Chino's Pilota Besta
Some of the pilota players that participated in Chino's Pilota Besta


Over 200 members of Chino’s Basque club got together on April 30th, to celebrate its annual Pilota Besta (Handball Fest). This year’s event took place at a very special venue: the Bidart Family Fronton. Thirty years have passed since Mike and Jeannette built the fronton at their family home. Since then, its doors have been opened to pilota players and fans from the entire community. Chino’s Basque club wanted to show its appreciation to the Bidart’s through this special tribute.

Chino, California, USA.  This year’s Pilota Besta was celebrated on April 30th by Chino’s Basque Club at the Bidart’s fronton.  The festival was also a tribute to the Bidart family who has generously allowed open play by everyone in the community at the fronton built at their family home. 

Over 200 people gathered to show their appreciation and affection to the Bidarts and their entire family, for their continued support and participation in the local Basque community.   The entire day was filled with various exhibitions of handball and pala.

Chino Pilota Besta 2011 (1)

[Players during a match (Photo: Linda Iriart)]

Chino Pilota Besta 2011 (3)

[Locales attentively following the action(Photo: Linda Iriart)]

Chino Pilota Besta 2011 (2)

[Mike Bidart, host, shows his pala ability (Photo: Linda Iriart)]

At dusk the court was converted and tables were set up so all in attendance could enjoy a barbecue.  During dessert, John Ysursa, on behalf of the Chino Basque Club, thanked Jeanette and Mike Bidart for their generous contribution, during these many years, to California’s Basque community.

Chino Pilota Besta 2011 (4)

[View of the fronton with dinner tables set during Pilota Besta 2011 (Photo Chino Basque Club)]

Chino Pilota Besta 2011 (5)

[John Ysursa, on behalf of the chino Basque club, thanks Mike and Jeanette Bidart for their contribution to the Chino Basque community.(Photo Chino Basque Club) ]

The evening concluded with a dance with music provided by Denis Petrissans and Denise Duhart.

-Chino Basque Club site
-Nancy Zubiri’s article on the event on the EuskalKazeta website


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