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Once again the Basques in Australia at Sydney’s Gure Txoko celebrated Catalonia’s National Holiday with their version called “Liada Catalana”


The fronton of the club had to be used as a dining room, decorated with ikurriñas and senyeras, the Catalonian flag (photo SydneyEE)
The fronton of the club had to be used as a dining room, decorated with ikurriñas and senyeras, the Catalonian flag (photo SydneyEE)


The camaraderie between the Basques and the Catalans is well known, this time, it has reached as far as the antipodes, with Gure Txoko Basque club’s celebration this past September 11th of “la Diada” Catalonia’s National Holiday. This is the second year that the event has taken place, and it seems like it will soon become one of the club’s annual events humorously referred to as “Liada Catalana.” The ambience during the event was very festive and so members have unanimously decided to celebrate it again next year.

Sydney, Australia.  For one more year a Group of Basques in Sydney, along with some of their Catalan friends got together to celebrate “La Diada,” Catalonia’s National Holiday.  The celebration took place at Gure Txoko Basque club’s clubhouse and brought together nearly one hundred people.  Even the fronton of the club had to be used as a dining room, decorated with ikurriñas and senyeras, the Catalonian flag.  The party began at 1:30 in the afternoon and continued into the night.

Marti Benedi, a Catalan friend of Gure Txoko, had the idea for the party last year since he often participates in the club’s activities. The food and activities have been a total success at the first two editions, and the organizers are already thinking that the Diada will be celebrated again next year. 

Diada 2011 Sydney-n 2

[Gure Txoko welcomed its visitors decorated with Ikurriñas and senyeras (photo Sydney EE)

Diada 2011 Sydney-n 3

[New generations also joined in the Diada celebration in Sydney (photo Sydney EE)]

Diada 2011 Sydney-n 4

[The clubhouse bar was also decorated for the occasion (photo Sydney EE)]


  • La Diada in the Gure Txoko, Sydney

    Dear friends, I was so pleased to see this report! La Diada 2011 had a lot to live up to following the brilliant 2010 celebration... And it was a marvellous day! A great display of friendship, solidarity, generosity, cultural wealth and festive spirit. As an Australian friend of Gure Txoko, Sydney I was proud to be able to help out in the kitchen. As an historian I was excited to see that among the Senyeras and Ikurriñas was a framed photo, given to the Gure Txoko as a token of gratitude by a young Catalan guest, that depicted Lluís Companys and José Antonio Aguirre before they crossed, exiled into France in 1939- a tragic photo, given the circumstances in which it was taken, yet also a reminder of the shared experience of exile and repression that unites the peoples of Euskal Herria and Catalunya. I first visited the Txoko on April 26, 2007- when the members commemorated the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Gernika. I was warmly welcomed then, and have been welcomed ever since. To my dear friends at Gure Txoko Sydney- Ez Kerrik Asko. Warmest wishes, from an antipodean friend of Euskal Herria and the Països Catalans.

    Micaela Pattison, 01/13/2012 03:39

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