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Maite Bedaxagar, from Paris and Estitxu Otermin from Bilbao winners of the 5th Letters from the Diaspora Contest



The jury recognized that it was not easy to narrow it down to only one winner, but they finally prevailed.  The winners of the fifth edition of the Letters from the Diaspora Contest organized by Basque clubs in Valencia, Euskaltzaleok and the Laurak Bat Basque Club were Maider Bedaxagar in Paris in the first Category (A); and Estitxu Otermin in Bilbao in the second Category (B).  Zorionak to them both as well as to all of the other participants and the organizers. 

Valencia, Spain.   The winners of the 5th Letters from the Diaspora Contest were announced last Friday at an event organized at the Raco de la Corbell, in Valencia.  There the jury’s decision was read and the two winning works were read.  The evening concluded with dinner.

Winners and the titles of their works follow:

  • Category A: Maider Bedaxagar (París). "Agur aitañi maitea"
  • Category B: Estitxu Otermin (Bilbao). “Izar”

According to its organizers, this year’s edition received dozens of entries, “the majority of them from students learning Basque, many were very good, but we enjoy all of them.  One thing for sure, we had our work cut out for us,” the admitted.

The organizing Basque clubs, Laurak Bat and Euskaltzaleaok in Valencia would like to thank everyone who participated as well as the Elkar Foundation for its generous support.  Zorionak to the two txapeldunes.

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