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Julian Iantzi: “We are going to show a new way of traveling, enjoying Jaialdi with the Diaspora in Boise”


Julian Iantzi accompanied the group that participated in the first “Conquis” trip to Argentina, at Iparraldeko Basque club in Buenos Aires (photoOvertrails)
Julian Iantzi accompanied the group that participated in the first “Conquis” trip to Argentina, at Iparraldeko Basque club in Buenos Aires (photoOvertrails)


Basque presenter Julian Iantzi is eager to travel to Boise's Jaialdi this July. There, he will act as a guide for a group of travelers ready to live the Basque experience to the maximum. “The intention is to get together with the Basque Diaspora and eat, dance, sing and have a good time with them,” he says. Two of the trips operated by Overtrails are already full, but there are still a few spots left on the third that besides Jaialdi will also visit Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. 

Donostia-San Sebastian.  Many Basques are greatly anticipating one of the most important dates for the Basque Diaspora in the US, Jaialdi 2015 in Boise. This event, that takes place every five years, will gather a large part of the Basques in the US, as well as several hundred coming from other places. Among these will be a group traveling from the Basque Country with Overtrails, accompanied by well-known presenter Julian Iantzi as a guide.

Iantzi is well-known in the Basque Country for his work on the program The Conqueror of the End of the World.  He was born in California, within the Basque Diaspora. “Our intention is to show a new way of travel. We will get-together with the Basque Diaspora and eat, dance and sing…and enjoy along with them at the Basque clubs, Basque restaurants and Jaialdi itself.  We want to reunite families, and friends while creating links and synergies,” he says.

The agency has organized different trips to Jaialdi in Boise along with the Basque Diaspora on the West Coast, as well as that on the East, specifically in New York. The idea is that tourism can be a means of interaction between the Basque communities in different regions and countries.  “Two trips are already full. The only option left is 15 spots for the program “Nature Live” (Boise, Salt Lake City, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas) from July 29-August 9,” Iantzi says. 

The first experience of this kind took place during Holy Week in Argentina, with the first “Touristic trip of the Conqueror of the End of the World.”  In Buenos Aires they discovered the routes of Basque immigration to Argentina and shared some very emotional moments in the Argentine Basque clubs with members there. The culmination of the trip was the Dinner/Get-together at the Laurak Bat Basque Club in Buenos Aires. 

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