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Juan Mari Atutxa travels to Rosario to participate in the centennial of Argentina’s Buru Batzar of EAJ-PNV


Juan Mari Atutxa President of the Sabino Arana Foundation (photo
Juan Mari Atutxa President of the Sabino Arana Foundation (photo


Rosario’s Zazpirak Bat Basque club this Saturday will host the events surrounding the Centennial of Argentina’s Buru Batzar, the Argentinean branch of the EAJ-PNV (Basque Nationalist Party), that was founded in 1911. Juan Mari Atutxa will be there, among others, representing Euskadi’s Buru Batzar. Atutxa, current president of the Sabino Arana Foundation, maintains a close relationship with the Basque-Argentinean Diaspora and is the Argentinean Buru Batzar representative at the meetings of the Aberri Batzarra. “We, from the party, have a very meaningful relationship with Argentina,” Atutxa explained to “Right now, for example, we are discussing our direction for the next four years and Argentina is also participating in this process.”

Bilbao, Bizkaia.  Juan Mari Atutxa, president of the Sabino Arana Foundation, will make a short trip this week to Argentina where he will participate in the Centennial of Argentina’s Buru Batzar.  The Basque politician and former president of the Basque Parliament has a very close relationship with the Basque Diaspora and has traveled to many places in Argentina before including: La Plata, Rosario, Necochea, and Buenos Aires, where he has taken part in various acts in the Basque-Argentinean communities there.  “The Argentinean Buru Batzar invited the Euskadi Buru Batzar to attend its centennial and so I will be its representative,” he explained to

The events will begin on Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm with a General Assembly of the Zazpirak Bat membership.  Afterwards a wreath will be placed in honor of Sabino Arana Goiri.  At 7:30pm Juan Mari Atutxa will deliver a talk to the Basque club entitled, “Euskadi, European Nation” and the evening will conclude with a Centennial Dinner.

Juan Mari Atutxa is the Argentinean Buru Batzar representative at the Aberri Batzar (National Committee) meetings of the EAJ-PNV.  “I have represented Argentina at these meetings for the last three or four years, since they can’t send a representative from Argentina to every meeting,” Atutxa explained.  “We are currently deciding on a four-year plan for the party, and Argentina participates in that discussion as well: they receive all of the documents and texts and I am in charge of informing of all any other commentary or contributions brought about in the discussions.”

-Argentina’s Buru Batzar blog, here



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