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“How to write a Basque Government grant,” one of the workshops at the July Basque Club gathering in Bahia Blanca


One of the activities at the 2016 workshop “Reflect to Grow”
One of the activities at the 2016 workshop “Reflect to Grow”


The Union Vasca Basque Club in Bahia Blanca will be the site of FEVA activities during the month of July.  The meeting of Basque clubs will take place Saturday July 15th and Sunday July 16th, with a program that includes three workshops, one aimed at clearing up doubts about Basque Government grants.  The Winter Barnetegi will also take place in Bahia July 15-23, along with the Euskara Munduan teacher’s training.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.   The gathering of Basque clubs organized by FEVA next week includes an unprecedented activity.  In collaboration with the Delegation of Euskadi in Argentina, the Federation will hold a workshop dedicated to teaching the Basque clubs how to write Basque Government grants.  In a conversation with, FEVA’s president, Hugo Andiazabl explained that it is a demand that responds to training the people of Basque club in those aspects.  “Many clubs are left out of the grants not because they don’t comply to the conditions, but because they don’t know how to complete the formal application.  This is what we’d like to reinforce,” Andiazabal explained.  During the event there will also be other activities that are listed below:

Saturday, July 15

-10:00 Kick off.  Greeting from FEVA officials
-10.30 - 13hs, “Identification of Problems/Conflicts in Basque Club.  Analysis and Solutions,” Workshop coordinated by Ana Idígoras from the Arrecifes Basque Club
-13:00hs, Lunch
-15:00 - 17:00hs, Mus workshop by Pablo Pavesa from the Chacabuco Basque Club
-17.30 - 20:00hs, “Notes on how to write Basque Government Grant” by Mariana Satostegui, Director of Institutional Relations at the Basque Government Delegation
-21:00hs, Dinner

Sunday, July 16

-10:00hs, Continuation of the “Identification of Problems/Conflicts in Basque Club.  Analysis and Solutions,”
-13:00hs, Lunch and conclusions

According to Andiazabal, “it is very important that clubs participate in these kinds of exchanges of ideas and experiences because they are very enriching.  The workshop by Ana Idigoras is being repeated at the request of the clubs since some of them couldn’t attend prior ones.  In any case, we know that meeting and the possibility of posing and sharing problems and solutions is always useful for everyone.  In addition, this time there will also be Mus workshop for those who would like to include that activity at their Basque club, but that don’t have a muslari who can teach.  As always, the idea is to respond to the emerging demands,” the president said.

Euskera in Bahia again

After several years, the Basque club in Bahia will once again host a Barnetegi.  As part of the Euskara Munduan program, teachers being trained to teach Basque will again meet for an intensive course, July 15-22nd.  The main goal of these classes is to review learned content always emphasizing oral communication.  After the barnetegi, there will also be a pedagogy day taught by Kinku Zinkunegi of HABE himself.

Txikis, dancing and second Basque club gathering

Continuing with the program of activities on August 26 and 27 FEVA will also provide a workshop for those teaching children.  The event will be at the Laurak Bat Basque Club in Buenos Aires.  On September 9 and 10 it will be directed at dantzaris.  The dance workshop will also be at Laurak Bat with teachers from the Basque Country.

On September 30 and October 1 there will be another Basque club meeting this time in the northern part of the Province of Buenos Aires.  Even if the place is yet to be announced, one of the possibilities will be the Lagun Onak in Pergamino.  During the event there will be a similar program to that in Bahia, and will also include workshops on food, mus and the grant writing workshop will also be repeated.  Finally on October 7, the annual children’s gathering will take place.  This will be held at the Euskal Echea School in Llavallol. 

Remember that complete information on all of these events is available on FEVA’s Facebook page: Feva Mistica Vasca.


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