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“Hator Hona,” at the Necochea Euzko Etxea has begun welcoming the six youth from the Basque Country


Youth in Necochea welcomed their guests from the Basque Country with an Agurra
Youth in Necochea welcomed their guests from the Basque Country with an Agurra


Six youth from the Basque Country are currently in Necochea, Argentina who are the protagonists of Hator Hona 2017.  Working together with the Basque club in Necochea who will host a series of workshops and activities where they will teach and practice various disciplines related to the traditional Basque culture.  For example these will include Euskera, dance, music and herri kirolak (rural sports).  Hator Hona 2017 runs through August 4th and will conclude with the “Grandparents’ Day” celebration as well that of the Andra Mari Zuria.

Necochea, Argentina.  True to the style that has been maintained for more than decade, the Euzko Etxea in Necochea welcomed six young Basques last Friday for this year’s Hator Hona that takes place during winter break.  Remember that winter in the southern hemisphere began on June 21st.  This manner of learning more about the Basque Country isn’t just for club members, but also for the community at large.  The workshops offered daily are free and for people of all ages.  No prior experience is necessary.

The workshops will be taught by the following individuals who come from both the Northern and Southern Basque Country: Ainhoa Basoa Castañeda from Usansolo (Bizkaia); Oier Garmendia Ezponda, from Hernani (Gipuzkoa); Eztitxu Harignordoquy, from Baigorri (Baja Navarra); Ainhoa Larrañaga Jaio, from Donostia (Gipuzkoa); Iker Tubia Barbería, from Pamplona (Nafarroa); and Amaia Usandizaga Arribas, from Astigarraga (Gipuzkoa). Besides teaching classes, the youth will also participate in all of the club’s events.  The program of extraordinary activities that will include music and dancing of the Hator Hona participants follows:

-Thursday, July 20th: Friend’s Day – Lagunaren Eguna, 8pm Txikiteo and festa at the club

-Saturday, July 29th: 10pm, San Ignacio meal in the club’s events hall

-Monday, July 31st: 7am, Wake up Happy, 10am, greeting by authorities; 11am wreath laying at Gral. Mariano Necochea and Angel Murga; noon tribute at the Tree of Gernika;12:15 prayer at the Saint Maria del Carmen parish in honor of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and deceased club members; 12:30 txikiteo at the club.

-Saturday, August 19th: 8pm Artistic evening and dance at the club’s SUM

New events in the 2017 edition will be included on their Facebook page here: Hator Hona as well as on their blog

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