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Gaztemundu 2012 begins tomorrow in Lazkao, focused on teaching Basque


2011 Gaztemundu participants (photo
2011 Gaztemundu participants (photo


The 16 youth selected to participate in the training program Gaztemundu are already in Euskal Herria, and starting tomorrow will begin the two-week course on teaching Basque at the Maizpide Barnetegi (boarding school) in Lazkao. Participants are Basque teachers from Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and the US. This year’s program is a little bit special as participants have also intensive Basque courses in order to improve their Basque from September 17-27 at Maizpide.


Lazkao, Gipuzkoa.  Sixteen participants from the Basque Diaspora will be at the Maizpide Barnetegi this month in Lazkao, to participate in the Gaztemundu training program sponsored by the Basque Government.  They are Basque teachers at their respective Basque clubs and during this time will complete an intensive Basque course that will deepen their knowledge on how to teach the Basque language. 

This year’s Gaztemundu is organized a little differently and consists of two parts.  The first, from this morning until September 14, will focus on methodology. Participates will address themes such as creating lesson plans, internet resources, using social networks and the Moodle platform for distance teaching.  The second part is comprised of an intensive Basque course at the Barnetegi itself from the 17-27 of this month. 

The first part of the workshop will be taught by Kinku Zinkunegi (HABE technician and coordinator of the Euskara Munduan program), Jon Urdangarin (professor at Maizpide), Mikel Dorronsoro (who will teach how to use Moodle), Esther Isasi (social networks), and Dani Oiarbide (distance teaching).



-Azarola, Mª Gabriela: Euskal Erria CV, Montevideo

-Zabalza Rabuffetti, Martin Sebastian: Euskal Erria CV, Montevideo


-Bilbao, Asier: CV de Bogotá, Colombia


-Conti, Alejo: Zazpirak-Bat, Rosario, Santa Fe

-Etchegaray, Delia Beatri: Beti Aurrera Aberri Etxea, Viedma, Rio Negro

-Etchegaray, Elisabet Diana: Gure Txokoa, Azul, Buenos Aires

-Inda, Marcela: Euskaltzaleak, Buenos Aires

-Irastorza, Manuel: Bahia Blancako Unión Vasca, Buenos Aires

-Itcea, Alicia Baldomera: Eusko Aterpea, General Rodriguez, Buenos Aires

-Mendia, Maria Gabriela: F.E.V.A., Buenos Aires

-Otegui, Sabrina: Euskaltzaleak, Buenos Aires

-Poumé, María Beatriz: Gure Etxea, Tandil, Buenos Aires

-Rodríguez, María del Carmen: Denak Bat, Arrecifes, Buenos Aires


-Franzoia, Ann Terese: Elko Euzkaldunak Club

-Ochoa Garay, Jorge: Rhode Island Basque Club

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