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For one more Year, the Great Atmosphere was the Highlight of Baztango Eguna at Mexico City’s Euskal Etxea


View of the Basque club's fronton with tables full of diners and the Baztan insignia
View of the Basque club's fronton with tables full of diners and the Baztan insignia
Once again, people from the Baztan area, in Navarre, got together at Mexico City’s Basque Center to celebrate their holiday, Baztango Eguna (Baztan Day). There is a large community of people from this region in the city and the wonderful atmosphere enjoyed every year has made more than one declare themselves natives of Baztan, if not only in their hearts. This year’s festivities were touched with sadness at the passing of Alberto Alday, historian and researcher of the Baztan Diaspora and a very well known member of the Navarrese-Mexican community.


Mexico City, Mexico.  “A real success,” declared the organizers of this year’s event.  The annual gathering took place on May 1st at Mexico City’s Euskal Etxea, and was attended by over 150 people that included natives of the region and their friends.  However, the day had a touch of sadness due to the sudden death of Alberto Alday, historian and researcher on the people of Baztan in Mexico (see article published last Friday on

“He always expressed his desire to attend a Baztango Eguna, but death surprised him before he could do so, I’m sure though that he was with us in spirit, and now he’ll be at all the Baztango Egunas in the future,” said Mari Carmen Arrechea, a member of the Baztan community of Mexico and one of the organizers, as well as the photographer of the images shared here. 

Baztan Menu

Baztango Eguna strives to unite young and old alike, to enjoy a typical menu of the area: baztanzopak (Baztan soup), piperade, lamb stew, solomillo in asparagus sauce, and apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert.  The organizers worked hard in the kitchen even though they were allowed a toast, here and there, while they were preparing their dishes.

Baztango Eguna 2011 (1)

[Juanjo Arrieta (on the left), heading up the group of volunteer cooks and apparent fans of Osasuna (photo Mari Carmen Arrechea)]

Baztango Eguna 2011 (2)

[Phenomenal piperade prepared by the Baztango Eguna organizers (photo Mari Carmen Arrechea)]

The Youth having a Great Time

After the meal, a traditional mus tournament took place.  Sixteen teams signed up and for a while all that could be heard in the center was, “mus, enbido and ordago!”

Baztango Eguna 2011 (3)

[Young mus players showing that they are worthy opponents during the tournament (photo Mari Carmen Arrechea)]

After the meal there was singing, dancing and afternoon entertainment.  The most enthusiastic in the crowd replenished their energy with chorizo and ham sandwiches so that they could continue into the wee hours of the night.  

Baztango Eguna 2011 (4)

-More information and a selection of pictures at DinaLeku's Facebook, here

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