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FEVA will elect its next president on April 21: Javier Ederra will lead the only official list of candidates presented


President candidate Javier Ederra along with outgoing president, Hugo Andiazabal
President candidate Javier Ederra along with outgoing president, Hugo Andiazabal


Javier Ederra will leave his position at the FEVA offices to become, after the vote, the Federation’s new president.  In fact, the election is set for April 21st and only one list of candidates was presented, with the native of Bahia Blanca as president.  He will be accompanied during the 2018-2020 term by Carlos Miguelena as secretary and Elba Mocoroa as treasurer.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The Federation of Argentine Basque Clubs, FEVA, elects a new president every two years.  Today's president, Hugo Andiazabal, was elected in 2014 and reelected in 2016, is not running anymore. There is only one list of candidates presented.  This being the case, after the elections, Javier Ederra, current office secretary for FEVA will take over for Andiazabal.

Following the Federation’s Statutes, along with the president, the offices of secretary and treasurer will also be elected.  The candidates accompanying Ederra are Carlos Miguelena (for secretary) and Elba Mocoroa (treasure).  The list includes the following:

- President: Javier Ederra, member of Unión Vasca, Bahía Blanca
- Secretary: Carlos A. Miguelena, member of Lagun Onak, Pergamino
- Treasurer: Elba L. Mocoroa, member of Gerora, Cordoba

- Director: María Susana Mendizabal, Gure Etxe Maitea, Olavarría (two years)
- Alternate: Pedro Furrer Mendizabal, Gure Etxe Maitea, Olavarría (two years)

- Director: María Cristina Arregui, Zazpirak Bat, Rosario (two years)
- Alternate: Carlos Ibarbia, Zazpirak Bat, Rosario (two years) 

- Director: María Angeles Oñederra, Toki Eder, José C. Paz (two years)
- Alternate: Martín Colombet, Toki Eder, José C. Paz (two years) 

- Director: María Aranzazu Zubillaga, Euzko Etxea, Necochea (two years)
- Alternate: Diego Zubillaga, Euzko Etxea, Necochea (two years)

- Auditor: Ana Victoria Idígoras, Euskaldunak Denak Bat, Arrecifes (one year)
- Auditor: Hugo Andiazabal, Arbola Bat, Junín (one year)
- Auditor: Alicia Aguirre, Denak Bat, Mendoza (one year)

FEVA’s General Assembly, where the vote will take place, is set for April 21th beginning at 9:30am at the Laurak Bat Basque Club in Buenos Aires (Belgrano 1144).  The federation reminds everyone that in order to participate, Basque club delegates need to be accredited by a note from the club they represented, and that institutions should present irrefutable evidence of their current legal status.

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