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Euskaltzaleak inaugurates its new headquarters in Buenos Aires, the euskaltegi of the Argentinean capital


Euskaltzaleak's new local was inaugurated on May 5 (photo
Euskaltzaleak's new local was inaugurated on May 5 (photo


“The Basque language is one of the oldest of Europe, identifies the Basques and has been spoken for centuries in Rio de la Plata. Today the Basque language has a hope in Buenos Aires, the Euskaltzaleak clubhouse. Between everyone, students, teachers, sympathizers, friends, the Basque Government, we gathered tiles and all contributed to realize this dream after 68 years of life of the institution.” With these words, in Basque and Spanish, Carlos Bordagaray, club president, was grateful to everyone who collaborated to make the Euskaltzaleak dream of having a clubhouse come true. The ceremony was attended by more than 130 people. Songs, dance, and oak tree and a ribbon cutting preceded the toast that marked the beginning of a new era for Euskaltzaleak, in its headquarters at Bernardo de Irigoyen 826, just a few blocks from the Obelisk.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.  In the beginning of March Euskaltzaleak announced the news of the purchase of a locale and with it the date of its inauguration May 5, 2012.  The day finally came and last Saturday afternoon members and friends of the euskaltegi could share with more than 100 people the result of months of work and commitment.   

The ceremony began at 6pm and gathered authorities and representatives from different institutions, among which, FEVA’s secretary Marta Abarrategui; Juan Carlos Ibarrola from the Sub commission of Culture of the Iparraldeko Euskal Etxea; Horacio Marotto from Askatasunaren Bidea; Maria del Carmen Rodriquez the teacher at Euskaldunak Denak Bat; Enrique Aramburu director of the Argentinean Basque Summer University; Laurak Bat’s librarian Celina Bustos; Eduardo Torry, from the association Arturo Campion and musicians from the group Xeito Novo.  Accompanying Euskatzaleak in the festivities was also the Delegate of the Basque Government Elvira Cortajarena and Josep Carles Puib Boo, president of the Casal of Catalonia. 

Inauguracion Euskaltzaleak 2012 01b

[After welcoming everyone, the Euskaltzaleak choir, accompanied by the audience, sang Gernikako Arbola and Argentina’s National Anthem.  Following, Elsa Usandizaga, from the euskaltegi, referred to the 500 anniversary of the Conquest of Navarre and the 75th of the Bombing of Gernika: “They wanted to impose fear and resignation on the Basque people through denial and death.  But even under the yoke of the Spanish and French states Euskal Herria is still alive.  It can’t be free unless its identity is respected.  “That is why maintaining the Basque language is an urgent task, to which we are all called as Argentine descendants of Basques,” said Usandizaga. (photo]

Inauguracion Euskaltzaleak 2012 02

[Continuing with the program, an oak tree was planted on the sidewalk outside the Euskaltzaleak headquarters.  To this end, the board of directors invited two great friends of the club: Alberto Ospital, who along with his wife Bety, are tireless and unconditional collaborators, and Miren Edurne Aranoa, sister of one of the promoters of the Basque language in Argentina, Pedro Mirena Aranoa.  It should be noted that Miren threw some dirt from Bilbao into the hole where the tree was planted (photo]

Inauguracion Euskaltzaleak 2012 03

[Planting the oak, music and dance were provided by the youth of the Arrecifes Basque club from Renzo Bustos danced the “Aurresku” accompanied by txistularis Juan Ignacio Saez and Marianela Rimini (photo]


 [The inauguration ceremony continued in the Alfonso Rodriguez Castelao plaza just in front of the Euskaltzaleak locale.  In honor of this Galician artist and politician, musicians from the Xeito Novo group playes some traditional pieces.  In the name of all of the Euskatzaleak, Elsa Uzandizaga repeated words of gratitude to the Foundation Xeito Novo for its help and shelter given to the language school last year.  We remind you that the Foundation Xeito Novo opened its doors to Euskaltzaleak so that the latter could continue its classes in 2011.  In its repertoire, the Galician musicians also played a Fandango that invited the dancers from Arrecifes to dance, as seen in the video (Video -]

Inauguracion Euskaltzaleak 2012 04

[Following the tribute, those in Attendance returned to the euskaltegi where President Bordagaray cut the ribbons and made his symbolic entrance to the premises accompanied by Marta Abarrategui and Elvira Cortajarena (photo EE)]

Inauguracion Euskaltzaleak 2012 05b

[Once inside, the Euskaltzaleak choir greeted guests with Agur Jaunak.  At the toast Marta Abarrategui and Elvira Cortajarena congratulated Euskaltzaleak and referred to the moment of crisis that Europe is currently going through along with the Basque Country.  In this regard, both appealed to the need to adapt to the new conditions. (Photo]

Inauguracion Euskaltzaleak 2012 05

[Each and every person that makes up Euskaltzaleak, day to day, with their work, their presence, with constants support, happily celebrated the inauguration, among them a group of teachers: Marcela Inda, Irene Lopez de Vicuña, Cecilia Canz, Sabrina Otegui, Teresa de Zavaleta and Gorka Berasategi. (photo]

Inauguracion Euskaltzaleak 2012 07

[Euskaltzaleak’s new locale, is located on the main floor of the building at Bernardo de Irigoyen and Independencia, and has direct access for the public with its windows looking out on the Alfonso Rodriquez Castelao plaza.  The facilities are split between two floors, on the ground floor is the entrance as well as a multi-purpose room and the bathroom; the classrooms are on the lower level. (photo


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