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News rss will continue, but at the end of December we will reduce our team and leave our headquarters


Bego Miñaur (first on the right) in a photo taken in the office in 2013.  Having an office, allowed us to have interns and collaborators s, among other things (photo
Bego Miñaur (first on the right) in a photo taken in the office in 2013. Having an office, allowed us to have interns and collaborators s, among other things (photo


When 2016 concludes, in a few days, will lose one of its members that has been an integral part of the project for 12 years, journalist Begoña Miñaur, and will also close its office in Donostia.  The project will continue, but with less staff and resources, forced by the economic situation.  The forecasts made earlier this year have not been met, and revenues that were planned on, never came forth, so there is not a choice.  We are taking advantage to thank Bego publicly for her 12 years of dedication. 

Donostia-San Sebastian.   Journalist Bego Miñaur from Elantxobe, Bizkaia became part of the project in 2004.  She isn’t one who wants to appear unnecessarily in the news, but her valuable dedication over the 12 years deserves at least some public recognition, and provide her and those in the Basque Country and Basque communities around the world an opportunity to properly say goodbye.

Besides losing Bego, we are also closing the doors to our office in Donostia, leaving this project that has been online for more than 15 years, not on the ridge but on the lower part of the wave.  Life goes on, and we will strive to continue as decently as we can with the intention that our readers notice the differences as little as possible; without Bego and our office it won’t be easy. This isn’t the first time that we wento through something similar, but having to do without Bego this time, means that the daily routine of the project will be substantially modified.  Not so much on the outside, but certainly in regards to the organization itself and our plans of future.

The reasons for all of this are simple: expected revenues for year-end have not occurred.  An institution that has been with us since our beginnings failed us.  We hope that it is temporary, because otherwise our closer would be definitive. 

This isn’t the first blow that we have received, but it is clear that it has been a hard one. 

All of this makes us sad. But they say that being stubborn and not giving up is something that characterizes Basques. 

While we can, we will continue with this initiative in favor of the visibility of the Diaspora and communication and informational support to make people aware above all.

Begoña Miñaur and the phone number: +34 943 504477 will continue till the end of the year. Afterwards +34 943 316170 will then be our only phone number.

Eskerrik asko, Bego! Please come visit us, or give us a call.  Sure we´ll need your advice on social networks.  It has been a pleasure.


  • Greetings

    Bego, it is sad to see you going, hoping 2017 will bring a lot of new posibillities and adventures !!!!

    Manu Behaeghe (Belgium), 12/26/2016 09:21

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