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Day of the Basque Diaspora (III): Basque clubs in Europe and America join in enthusiastically


Day of the Basque Diaspora organized by Laurak Bat in the capital city
Day of the Basque Diaspora organized by Laurak Bat in the capital city


Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since the world has existed Basques have paid attention to their pioneer and exploring instincts, and this has led them to leave; leave their homeland and reach the most remote corners of the planet.  Over the years, the reasons why they have set out have changed, but they have continued to gather wherever they have gone.  The ways they gather with other Basques has also evolved when away from home.  Today, and especially for a nation as small as that of the Basques, the contribution of the Diaspora is measurable, even if sometimes these Basques seem to be unknown to those in Euskal Herria.  Thus, the proposal to celebrate the Day of the Basque Diaspora which has had an impact with Basque adhering more than ever to the motto “Here we are,” “We are also Basques, part of global Euskal Herria.”

Here are a couple of videos and another photo gallery.  In the coming days we will continue to add information with images from activities from several Basque clubs who celebrated.  If your club doesn’t appear, write to us right away ( so we can include information about your events.

Two videos among the many celebrations in Argentina and Uruguay.

[Laurak Bat Basque Club in Buenos Aires]

[Haize Hegoa Basque Club in Montevideo]

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