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Buenos Aires Laurak Bat advances the program for its 140th anniversary: conferences, a magazine, dances and the BAC 2017


Logo for the 140th anniversary of the Laurak Bat Basque Club
Logo for the 140th anniversary of the Laurak Bat Basque Club

The Laurak Bat Basque Club in Buenos Aires won’t have much time to rest this summer since it is in the middle of finalizing details for its 140th anniversary activities.  The program will begin in March and even if there are a few ends to tie up, like surprises that won’t be revealed until it’s time to celebrate, we can anticipate the main proposals.


Buenos Aires, Argentina.   Founded on March 13, 1877, the most active and oldest Basque club in the Diaspora will celebrate its 140th birthday in 2017.  Nearly a century and a half since its creation, the traditional euskal etxea has been the home and headquarters to innumerable friends and history.  And everything promises to continue since the current board of directors, led by Arantxa Anitua first female lehendakari of the institution, shows a huge commitment for the present and the future of the club.

Next year will be an important one for Laurak Bat and because of this, planning has already been underway for some time.  Even if we can’t talk about the definitive program, the chronology of the most important activities has been revealed.

-Thursday, March 16:  Academic day at the College of Law at the University of Buenos Aires: “Migrants Refugees, Exiles.  Economic and Political Keys from a Perspective of Human Rights between Past and Present.  Conference on the 140th anniversary of the founding of Laurak Bat in Buenos Aires.”  Organized by Iñaki Anitua and Pablo Ubierna with the support and collaboration of the College of Law and Conicet.

-Saturday, March 18: From noon to 6pm “Buenos Aires Celebrates the Basque Country” on the Avenida de Mayo with the participation of euskal etxeas, businesses and institutions from the Basque Diaspora in Argentina.  In this mega-exposition various manifestations of the culture of Euskal Herria can be appreciated including dancing, music, Euskera, food (cooking live Itziar Aguirre), typical costumes (with the exhibit Gure Arropa by Magdalena Mignaburu) and herri kirolak.  There will be institutional representation of the Basque Government and the Government of Navarre.

-Saturday, March 18: in the evening a huge dance at Laurak Bat.

-Sunday, March 19:  Lunch, dancing on Av. Belgrano and festivities at Laurak Bat.

Besides the aforementioned activities, there will be a magazine published on the 140th anniversary with a review of the life of the institution, and possible recognition of the club by the legislature on the same day that it was founded.

Image of the 140 years

A special anniversary warrants a special image and Laurak Bat has it.  Musician and dantzari Ignacio Baña Barquin, creator of the design, describes his work in these words: “On the 140th birthday of Laurak Bat we wanted to create a logo that would accompany us in the festivities.  We were looking for something that would represent the majority, and our Tree of Gernika that has always been at the club was chosen.  With the leaves in three different colors we want to represent the generations that made and make and maintain and disseminate our culture.  The rustic numbers symbolize the traditions and the letters that serve as the base represent the solidity of that tradition.”

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