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Bombing of Gernika: 80 years and dozens of tributes to the victims (new photo gallery)


Since last Saturday, the city of Tres Arroyos has its own Gernika
Since last Saturday, the city of Tres Arroyos has its own Gernika


They say that it is necessary to keep the memory alive so that history does not repeat itself. Endorsing this concept, institutions in the Basque Diaspora do so every April 26th on the anniversary of the Bombing of Gernika.  This year, on the 80th anniversary of the event, euskal etxeas and Basque communities around the world, denounced what happened in the Basque town and sent a message of peace through multiple activities.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.   We continue echoing the impact and events in the Diaspora commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Bombing of Gernika.  One of the tributes that had the greatest local impact took place in Tres Arroyos where the Hiru Erreka Basque Club inaugurated a reproduction of Picasso’s Guernica in the Basque Plaza.  The mural that is outdoors and surrounded by greenery was done by club Basque teacher, Alfredo Laborde, along with members, Celeste Cattaneo de Jaureguibehere and Roberto Biardo.

This was their way to commemorate Gernika's Bombing 80th anniversary, but we have created another gallery that includes some of the other tributes that took place all over Argentina and Uruguay.  We will publish about oher events, but in this gallery you’ll see how they did in Azul, Córdoba, José C. Paz, Mendoza, Montevideo (FIVU), Pergamino, Pilar, Posadas and the aforementioned event in Tres Arroyos.

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