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Basque beats in the heart of Buenos Aires: the Basque community in Argentina featured at BAC 2018


Txikis from the Euskal Echea School at BAC 2018 (photo Pedro de Erquiaga)
Txikis from the Euskal Echea School at BAC 2018 (photo Pedro de Erquiaga)


The design of Buenos Aires Celebrates the Basque Country is integral.  It includes a plurality and variety of cultural expression.  But also a variety and plurality of invited institutions with the participation of not only clubs in the area, but also stands, dantzaris, and contributions from Basque clubs in the interior.  The formula, as demonstrated in this 7th edition of BAC dedicated to the Basques was a complete success.  Photo gallery of the festival held last Sunday.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.   With more than 40 years of history, Semana Vasca is the main gathering for the Basque community in Argentina.  After this seventh edition attended by some 30,000 people, “Buenos Aires Celebrates the Basque Country,” is now on par with Semana Nacional, for its impact and ability to attract on both sides of the barrier, both from the organizers as well as the performing Basque groups and participants that excitedly prepare for the event. The audience is comprised of Basques and Argentines of Basque origin, but above all locals and Argentineans who are more and more interested in this their first exposure to the Basques.  Opening the Basque community up for their neighbors is a community that is completely a part of the Argentine society contributing from its own history and signs of identity to the “Argentinity” that is shared by all.

The BAC dedicated to the Basque County has become an attraction not only for the locals, but also for tourists, as well as for leaders and representatives from Europe and other places in the Diaspora.  This is why; as part of the festival, other activities has been organized by the events sponsors in order to take advantage of the crowds of people in Buenos Aires.

Following is a short photo summary of BAC 2018.

More photos on the festival’s Facebook page here.

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