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Basque artists and the local Gure Txoko Basque Club participate in the Sydney Design Festival


“Archein” by Cristina Aranzubia at the Gure Txoko Basque Club at the Sydney Design Festival (photoDaniel G. Valero)
“Archein” by Cristina Aranzubia at the Gure Txoko Basque Club at the Sydney Design Festival (photoDaniel G. Valero)


Member artists of Gure Txoko and the club itself participated all week long at the Sydney Design Festival.  It was a creative group, led by architect Cristina Aranzubia, accompanied by Lidia Arriola, Arrate Arbiza and Usue Garmendia regarding dancing, the stories of Ionetxi Ni Neu, music by Oreka Tx and light design by Raffaele De Vita.  Tomorrow is the last day to contemplate the installation offered, “Archein,” at the Gure Txoko headquarters.  

Sydney, Australia.  Basque artists and the Gure Txoko Basque Club, participated all week long at the Sydney Design Festival March 2-11th being tomorrow the last opportunity to enjoy the Archein digital and spatial exhibit, coordinated by artist and club member Cristina Aranzubia (ArchMove Collective), along with creators in other disciplines.

So on Sunday, the club is providing, on the last day of the festival a closing event including the following:

  • 14:00 : Basque lunch
  • 16:30: Rural session and story telling
  • 19:30 Archein at sunset

The team responsible for the event is led by Cristina Aranzubia, creative director: with dancing led by Lidia Arriola / Arrate Arbiza & Usue Garmendia: music by de Oreka TX; story telling, Ionetxi Ni neu; and lights and light design by Raffaele De Vita (alias Mastro Don Vittorio).

​“Archein” installation at the Gure Txoko Basque Club’s kantxa in Sydney (photo Daniel G. Valero)

Tomorrow’s program will begin at 2pm with a traditional Basque lunch at the clubhouse prepared by members (including marmitako, chicken stew, and cheesecake), followed by a rural exhibit and storytelling to conclude with the Archein at sunset.

Last Sunday the opening of the club’s artistic participation in the event gathered some 200 people, according to club resident, Manny Martin.  Afterwards, events took place on Tuesday March 6th (cultural event, Archein and a talk, and Archein at sunset), on Thursday March 8 (Basque dance classes and Archein at sunset) as well as the aforementioned closing event.

"Archein" was part of this the twentieth edition of the Sydney Design Festival and is an ephemeral installation that unites architecture, dance and gastronomy, using the Gure Txoko Basque club as a backdrop along with its pilota court.

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