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Basque artist Ana Busto's showing at the opening exhibition of Ventana244 Art Space in New York


Anne Chu, Magaly Perez and Ana Busto's works. In the right, Ana Busto's  'Cass' (2009)
Anne Chu, Magaly Perez and Ana Busto's works. In the right, Ana Busto's 'Cass' (2009)


A selection of new and old works by Basque artist Ana Busto will be on display tomorrow in the opening of Ventana244 Art Space, in New York. The exhibit, titled 'Notes', combines the works of Busto, Anne Chu and Magaly Perez to generate a conversation about nature through art. Ana Busto Barrenetxea lives between the Basque Country and New York City. She has exhibited in the USA, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Peru, Canada and China.

New York, USA.  Ventana244 Art Space is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and its main focus is experimental art work, all disciplines, with a clear and progressive point of view. Its opening exhibition, 'Notes', will feature new and old works by Anne Chu, Magaly Perez and Ana Busto. These three artists use industrial materials, found objects, photography and paint to create views, different perspectives and insights about nature. Coming from diverse geographies, each artist looks at art and nature in distinct ways.

At Ventana244, they will come together to maintain a dialogue and generate a conversation. During the 1980’s, these three artists began an ongoing exchange about nature through art. 'Notes' reflects this continuing, common theme in these artists work.

Violent twist to the natural world

Ana Busto is presenting objects that are like a violent twist, or pinch, to the natural world- tortured chicks, extracted tree knots or burned ponderosa. The photos are opposites living on the same image; the formality of the dance practices with images of the over run park in her neighborhood.

Anne Chu makes landscapes using many mediums and transpositions. Anne participates in 'Notes' with two works that use figures of birds. One is a rough heavy black crow cast in bronze; the other is light weight, colorful embroidered on fabric; Their mysterious presence calls for attention. The Birds can be part of any real or abstract landscape.

Magaly Perez presents a painting and gouaches that are influenced by tantric art and garden design in their structure. Her use of color carries a feeling and memory of Cuba, where she was born.

The opening reception will take place tomorrow from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, at Ventana244 Art Space, located at 244 N.6th St, Brooklyn, 11211 (Williamsburg). Viewing hours are Thursday-Sunday 12pm-6pm. For more information contact at 718 735 7363 or check:

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