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Argentine pilotaris led with five medals at the 2018 South American Games; followed by Chile with four


The pilota final between Milton Cayoja Apaza (Bolivia) and Nicolás Alberto Comas (Argentina). The gold went to the local player (photo, official page of the Games)
The pilota final between Milton Cayoja Apaza (Bolivia) and Nicolás Alberto Comas (Argentina). The gold went to the local player (photo, official page of the Games)


The XI edition of the South American Games in Cochabamba, Bolivia enjoyed the participation of 14 countries competing in 35 sports.  Pilota matches included representatives from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay, presented the high level of the sport in the region.

Cochabamba, Bolivia.   The city of Cochabamba hosted the XI edition of the South American Games May 26-June8th.  Athletes from Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Panama, Surinam, Aruba and Guyana competed over the two weeks in 35 disciplines that comprise the games.  At the end of the competition, Colombia had won the largest number of medals, 94 in all.

In regards to pilota, matches took place at the Municipal Fronton in Sacaba, inaugurated especially for the occasion where games were played in three modalities: Frontenis, Pelota goma and 36m Esku - handball.

The results favored the Argentinean players that this time took away five medals.  They were followed by Chile with 4, Uruguay with 3, Peru with 2 and two locals with one each in Esku – handball. Detailed results follow:

Frontenis men: Gold for Argentina Jonathan Miranda and Tomás Suárez; Silver for Chile Julián Salas and Jesús García Toro; Bronze for Peru David Alonso Yupanqui and Juan Gonzalo Bezeda.

Frontis women: Gold for Chile Magdalena Muñoz and Natalia Bozzo; Silver for Argentina Lucila Busson and Melina Spahn; Bronze for Peru Nathaly Paredes and Mía Belén Rodríguez.

Pelota Goma men: Gold for Argentina Facundo Andreasen and Santiago Andreasen; Silver for Uruguay Raúl Comesaña and Lucas Rivas; Bronze for Chile Manuel Domínguez and Raimundo Sáez.

Pelota Goma women: Gold for Argentina María Lis García and Johanna Zair; Silver for Uruguay Sofía Gutiérrez and Mariangel Maneiro; Bronze for Chile Zita Solas Aranzábal and Maritxu Bastarrica.

Esku singles: Gold for Bolivia Milton Cajoya; Silver for Argentina Nicolás Comas; Bronze for Uruguay Richard Airala.

Photo gallery of pilota at the 2018 South American Games, here.

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