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YouTube channel, Basque Doc. shares a link to a documentary about Gernika on the 80th anniversary of the bombing


Image from the documentary with survivor Pedro Baliño

A link to the documentary Gernika the Story has been made available on YouTube in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the events of that fateful day, April 26, 1937.  The documentary provides an account of the events at a local, national and international level, using dramatized reconstruction, and virtual imaging of some of the key incidents.  Link to the video is provided below.


The 3rd gathering of Patagonian Argentina Basque Clubs will be in Neuquen April 28-30


Picture from the 2nd meeting of Patagonian Basque Clubs in September 2016 in Puerto Madryn

Organized by the Comahue Basque Club, the program will include workshops, roundtables, film screenings and touristic outings.  Clubs who have confirmed their attendance include Aberri Etxea from Viedma y Patagones, Mendiko Eusko Etxea in Bariloche, Etorritakoengatik from Puerto Madryn and Euskal Txokoa in San Martin de los Andes.  Nevertheless organizers think that others may still join in.


Aberri Eguna 2017 in Argentina: festivities began in Cañuelas and continued in Concordia and Olavarria


The dancers from Laurak Bat at the 2017 Aberri Eguna Dancers’ Gathering in Cañuelas

Some Basque clubs celebrated Aberri Eguna on Easter Sunday, some others a little before, along with a large number who have organized afterwards.  In any case, they are all held with the common goal of expressing and celebrating their adherence and commitment to the Basque homeland.  The Basque-Argentine club's events started with the Dancer's Aberri Eguna Gathering in Cañuelas, on April 8th and 9th.  More activities followed with celebrations in both Concordia and Olavarria. 


The Colectividad Vasca en Chile Basque club organizes various workshops in the year of its 10th anniversary


Posters for activities at the Basque Community of Chile Basque Club in 2017 as well as last week’s book presentation

The Colectividad Vasca en Chile Basque Club is preparing different activities this year to celebrate the 10th anniversary since its founding.  In the beginning of 2017 it already had begun three proposals: Basque language classes, the Basque choir and Basque dance, all of which take place once a week and are held at the Estadio Español in Las Condes, the club’s headquarters.  Last week, it also sponsored the presentation of the book Más alla de una voz, also at the clubhouse. 


Aberri Eguna, a festive day in numerous Basque clubs around the world, Sunday was the beginning of 2017 celebrations


Many Basques begin to celebrate Aberri Eguna when they move abroad.  It is a special date on the calendar of many historic Basque clubs that was celebrated last Sunday in places like New York, Caracas, Necochea, London, Miami, Valencia (Venezuela), Madrid or Havana.  But there are many other clubs that will celebrate Aberri Eguna after Holy Week.  Today we include a photo chronicle of festivities at the Eusko Etxea in Caracas. 


The Center for Basque Studies presents Gabriel Aresti’s masterworks and Oteiza's Selected Writings in English


"Basque Books Bulletin" by the Center for Basque Studies Press

The Center for Basque Studies Press proudly announced the publication of two of Gabriel Aresti’s masterworks Maldan behera (1959) and Harri eta herri (1964) translated into English by Amaia Gabantxo, entitled, Downhill and Rock & Core in its latest Basque Books Bulletin.  This work, featuring “the great modern Basque poet,” is the latest installment in the Center’s Basque Classics in Translation Series funded by the Provincial Government of Bizkaia.  The bulletin also included Oteiza’s Selected Writings edited by Joseba Zulaika from the press’s catalogue. 


Today, day two at the 34th Culture and Writer's Fair in Sara with’s stand

04/17/2017’s stand at the 34th Fair in Sara

Today is the second day at the 34th Cultural and Writers’ Fair in Sara with’s stand at the local Sports Pavillion.  The Sarako Idazleen Biltzarra is the main event for writers and literary creators, as well as for material in relation to the Basque culture in Iparralde.  This is a meeting point for the euskaltzale audience with authors and the annual production of books, records, and cultural material in this part of the country. If you get a chance, visit Sara and make sure to come to our booth and say hi. 

Read more... will have its own stand this Sunday and Monday at the 34th Writers Gathering and Fair in Sara


The Sarako Idazleen Biltzarra, writers’ fair and gathering in Iparralde, is marking its 34th edition next weekend in Sara, Lapurdi.  This year it will include a stand with information on the Basque culture and the diaspora.  This isn’t’ the first time that and the Diaspora have been represented at the event, a referential event in the area of Basque culture in Iparralde that has expanded this year from one day to two.  Mark your calendars for April 16th and 17th in Sara.  


The Basque Government and the Parliament of Bizkaia will plant a sapling from the Tree of Gernika in Auschwitz


Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp in Poland (photo

A delegation led by Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu and the president of the Parliament of Bizkaia, Ana Otadui, will travel next week to Auschwitz to plant a sapling of the tree of Gernika in the vicinity of the concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, in Poland.  The visit hopes to strengthen ties between the two icons, Auschwitz and Gernika, as part of the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Gernika and other Basque towns during the Spanish Civil War. 


Necochea will celebrate Aberri Eguna, Korrika and its 72nd Anniversary this Sunday, while requesting youth to come from Euskal Herria


Poster for Hator Hona

A lot of news is coming from Necochea: The local Basque Club is requesting youth from Euskal Herria to participate in their Hator Hona exchange program. The invitation is aimed at people between the ages of 18 and 30 for a two-week stay from July 14-August 4th.  The Euzko Etxea in Necochea will also celebrate its 72nd anniversary this weekend with a program that includes the celebration of Aberri Eguna and Korrika, two dates engraved in the heart of the Basque community in Necochea. 


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