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A new Basque club has achieved legal status: Gure Etxea in Gral. Belgrano already offered dance classes to the public


Members of Gure Etxea in Gral. Belgrano at its first open dance class
Members of Gure Etxea in Gral. Belgrano at its first open dance class


The class was taught by Mariano Andoni Azcarate and gathered a large group of people interested in Basque dance.  This and other activities will continue to be organized by the Gure Etxea Basque Club now with its brand new legal status.  With this step, they can now request to be included in the Basque Government’s Basque club registry adquiring full rights and obligations.

General Belgrano, Argentina.  The Gure Etxea Basque club in Gral. Belgrano celebrated the International Day of Dance in the best way: dancing.  The activity took place at the Ana Clara Dominguez School of Dance, who teaches dance at the club. It was in charge of Mariano Andoni Azcarate, dantzari and director of the Eusko Etxea dance group in La Plata.

During the day, the teacher presented various dances from the Basque Country and taught steps to those in attendance.  The large group of attendees were of all ages and even participated in circle dances.

The young club is proud and happy for its official registration as a Basque club in Argentin: their new legal status allows them to provide different kinds of offerings with this more stable status. Planned activities include pilota workshops, cooking classes, cultural talks and film screenings.  This will also allow them to request to be included in the Basque Government’s official registry of Basque clubs.

In regards to the clubhouse, the group also has good news; they are working in a house lent them by Mr. Carricaburu.

The current board of directors at Gure Etxea includes:

-President: Joty Mayoz
-Vice-president: Héctor Carricaburu
-Secretary: Sonia Etchelet
-Treasurer: Hugo Mandagaran
-Auditor: Ana Lía Carricaburu, Guillermo Gorostiague
-Directors: Emilia Arredondo, Dora Alberro, Elisa Bigres
-Alternate: Laura Arredondo

The club communicates through Facebook: Gure Etxea (Centro Vasco Gral Belgrano).

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