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Aiko Taldea organizes “Dantza mokauak” this weekend, an intensive course the reviews the complete dance menu


Patxi Laborda, dance master at an Aiko Taldea course

“Dantza mokauak,” is taught by masters Patxi laborda, Sabin Bikandi, Katalin Zarate and Anartz Ormaza, and will take place Saturday and Sunday March 3-4 in Areatza, “through a methodology to learn in a fun, clear, simple and appropriate way for the world that we live in.”  Saturday night there will be a dance for workshop participants that is open to the public to enjoy their progress.  Aiko Taldea is a referential group in the area of promotion and transmission of traditional Basque dance.


Activity begins on Tuesday at the Juan de Garay Foundation that will celebrate its 35th anniversary in August


Carlos Irisarri at the Chair of Basque and Culture at the Univeristy of the East at the beginning of the term

The Juan de Garay Basque Argentine Foundation will celebrate its 35th anniversary this August with a festive gathering.  The foundation, headquartered in Buenos Aires, has announced an intense program of activities at the beginning of this term that will continue to contribute to its founding purpose of “prolonging and projecting the tradition and customs of the Basque Country in Argentina.”  The first of these events is the beginning of the 2018 term with a talk entitled “The Basques and the Great Navy,” by Jorge Beramendi next Tuesday.


Today is the day to register your children in NABO Udaleku 2018 in Reno, Nevada


Shot from last year’s Udaleku in Chino, California

Today, march 1st at 6pm PST, anyone wishing to send their children to NABO’s 2018 Udaleku is invited to register on the NABO website.  Every year, the number of available spots fills in only minutes, and those who are not at the ready, may not have the opportunity to send their children to this year’s camp.


The 2018 Laburbira program of short films in Basque will come to Basque clubs in London, Paris and Valencia


Poster for Laburbira 2018

Today, the 15th edition of Laburbira will begin in Bergara, Gipuzkoa.  This year’s program that screens short films in Euskera will ariive to 29 locations including three in the Diaspora: London (oganized together with to the London Basque Society Euskal Elkartea), Paris (Pariseko Euskal Etxea) and Valencia (Laurak Bat Basque Club).  Eight shorts will be shown in their original Basque version in the case of Diaspora with subtitles according to the euskal etxea, in English, French, and Catalan respectively.  


Interest and success in Trujillo, Peru at the Trujilloko Euskal Etxea’s first public presentation


President of the Trujilloko Euskal Etxea addressing attendees of the club’s first public presentation

Nearly 50 people gathered at the first gathering hosted by the Trujilloko Euskal Etxea.  The event included three brief talks about the Basque presence in the American and Peruvian environment, which served to define the context in which this new club emerges.  Its promotors stressed the attendance and the interest the event generated, judging by the number of questions from the audience.  Full of enthusiasm and excitement, the Trujilloko Euskal Etxea is now pondering its next steps.


Inauguration this Sunday of the new Euskal Odola clubhouse in Ayacucho and celebration of its first Peña Vasca


Euskal Odola Basque Club’s new headquarters in Ayacucho

The Euskal Odola Basque Club in Ayacucho, Argentina has good news to share with all.  On the one hand, it announced that next Sunday, March 4th, it will inaugurate its new clubhouse, and on the other, next Friday it will host its famous Peña Vasca, organized every year as part of the National Calf Festival this year first edition in the club’s brand new facilities. 


The musical “Bihotza Mintza,” debuts in Pau culminating Lagunt eta Maita’s 50th anniversary celebrations


Poster for the musical Bihotza Mintza

This Saturday, February 24th, the musical “Bihotza Mintza” will debut in the Zenith Room in Pau, produced by the local Basque club, Lagunt eta Maita, culminating the Béarnaise euskal etxea’s 50th anniversary celebrations.  It was a huge effort with 60 singers, dantzaris and 10 musicians who began rehearsals some 10 months ago in order to bring this original show, written by Christian Larralde, that tells the story of young Johañe who immigrated to Bearn from Euskal Herria, to the stage.


The Delegation of Euskadi in Argentina-Mercosur: 2018 cultural offerings are available to clubs upon request


The Delegation provides Basque clubs with a wide variety of resources to spread the Basque culture

With summer vacation (in the southern hemisphere) behind us, Basque clubs in the area are now finalizing and announcing their annual programs of activity.  The hopes of accompanying,  facilitating or simply complementing club offerings, the Delegation of Euskadi in Argentina-Mercosur offers interested institutions wide array of cultural proposals.  Following is a list of material available for 2018. All you have to do is choose, contact the delegation and request it.


Joan Manuel Serrat practiced at Laurak Bat for the concert he will perform today at the Colon Theater


Joan Manuel Serrat at Laurak Bat in Buenos Aires

Laurak Bat in Buenos Aires began 2018 with an extraordinary visitor.  Catalan songwriter, Joan Manuel Serrat, practiced in the Basaldua room at the clubhouse before performing at the “The Unique” festival at the acclaimed Colon Theater.  “It was an unusual way of ending the 140th anniversary of the club,” according to club members that are currently submerged in preparations for Buenos Aires Celebrates 2018.


2018 begins at the Euzko Etxea in La Plata: Jose Luis Macchi and Andoni Azcarate win the first Summer Mus Tournament


1st Summer Mus Tournament in La Plata

The tournament took place at the club’s sports facilities in City Bell.  Hosted by the Peña “Bixente Ibarguren,” the goal was to spend a day outside and promote the typical card game from Euskal Herria, with both novices and experts participating.  After this successful beginning, the Euzko Etxea has already opened enrollment for its 2018 activities.


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