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Obituaries on, a last reminder of those who have passed away in the Diaspora: share information from your community


“In Memory Of,” the obituary section at

Remembering and paying a final tribute to those who have passed away in our Basque communities in the Diaspora is the goal of our “In Memory Of” section. provides readers and friends the possibility of publishing some lines in memory of the deceased along with their obituary.  Send us information about those who have passed in your communities and we´ll take care of it.  A list of Diaspora obituaries appears below. 


The Franco-German network Arte records images at Gure Etxea in Tandil for a documentary on the Basque Diaspora


Workers from Arte Channel gathering materials for a documentary about the Basque Diaspora

The European TV channel is working on a documentary about the Basque Diaspora and so contacted the Gure Etxea Basque Club in Tandil.  A journalist and a technician travelled to Tandil and spent three days interviewing members of the club and filming Basque club activities.  The documentary is in the editing process and will soon be available on the Arte website. 


Do you want to be an instructor for Basque activities in Argentina? Join in the second edition of “Anima Zaitez!” in Villa Maria!


“Anima Zaitez!” Logo

The “Anima Zaitez!” program was created in 2016 in Villa Maria, Argentine province of Cordoba, to invite youth in the Basque Country who would like to spend two weeks in Argentina teaching workshops on various manifestations of Basque culture.  Each participate pays his/her way and for insurance, while the Basque club provides room and board.  This year's deadline to apply is May 1st


80th anniversary of the Bombing of Gernika: When Basque children arrived in Montrose, Scotland


In a few weeks it will be 80 years since German Nazi aviators and Italian Fascists, allies of Spanish General Francisco Franco, bombed Gernika.  Among other things, this caused the exodus of thousands of Basque children, in a desperate attempt by their parents to free them from the attacks.  This is an article about the children that arrived in Montrose, Scotland, published last week in the local gazette the Montrose Review.



The Government of Navarre will again have its own institutional representation office in Brussels


Archive image of the interior of the Delegation of Navarre in Brussels

The Navarrese executive adopted an agreement at its session yesterday that authorizes the lease of an apartment in Brussels, close to the European Parliament and the Committee of Regions, which will be used as the headquarters of the Office of the Delegation of the Government of Navarre.  Recuperating an office in this way will give Navarre a voice in Europe and in the international environment, as indicated by government sources. 


“Bertso Pilota” will arrive in Argentina, a show that joins these two important manifestations of Basque culture


The show, “Bertso Pilota” will tour Argentina from April 9-23

The tour “Bertso Pilota” will begin in Buenos Aires on April 9 and will conclude in Rosario on April 23rd.  The group comprised of bertsolaris, pilotaris and a presenter, will perform in Buenos Aires, La Plata, Necochea, Bahia Blanca, Viedma and Rosario, adapting the show to the conditions at each locale.  In Necochea, Basque youth will also participate in Korrika and the Aberri Eguna celebration. 


16 full-length and 8 short Basque films will be shown through April 2nd at the Nantes film festival


"Irrintziaren Oihartzunak" by Iratxe Fresneda will be one of the films shown in Nantes

Basque film will occupy a prominent place at the 27th edition of the Spanish Cinema Festival in Nantes that began yesterday and will run through April 2nd.  In all, 70 films, 16 full-length and 8 shorts have been directed by Basque filmmakers or produced in the Basque Country.  Many will be shown in the section: Fenêtre Basque, (Basque Window) sponsored by the Etxepare Basque Institute and the Basque Film Library (Euskadiko Filmategia - Filmoteca Vasca). 


A float with a giant Txapela (beret) represented the Basques at the Ayacucho Veal Festival


A giant Txaplea with the Basque club’s logo represented the Basques at the National Veal Festival in Ayacucho

The National Veal and Yerra Festival is one of the largest and most popular events in Ayacucho, Argentina.  Nearly 50,000 people have attended the event yarly over the last few years; its activities that last all week.  The Euskal Odola Basque Club is a faithful participant at the event.  This year, they participated with a float that included a giant Txapela (Basque beret) and also presented a queen candidate. 


Pilota classes for children between the ages of 9-14 begin at the Hotel Anduiza Fronton in Boise


 Pilota class in March 2017: Isabel, Todor Azurtza (instructor), Parker, Josu, Jon Mikel and Patxi (photo

Classes at the Hotel Anduiza fronton began just over two weeks ago.  Currently children between the ages of 9-14 are invited to participate. Classes are taught by Todor Azurtza, originally from Donostia, who is currently living in Boise.  So far six boys and girls are taking advantage of the class that takes place on Tuesdays. 


Buenos Aires celebrating and the celebration is Basque: today a photo gallery of Buenos Aires Celebrates 2017


Tamborrada has become the image of the Basque festival

Buenos Aires Celebrates is a tribute that the city of Buenos Aires pays to its foreign communities.  Sponsored by the municipal government, the activity takes place in the heart of the city on Avenida de Mayo.  Last Saturday the tribute to the Basque Country took place, gathering thousands of people, artists, Basque club representatives, including Argentine and Uruguayan institutions, Basque authorities...a world of people that came to enjoy and share the event. 


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