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Néstor Aguirre

Néstor Aguirre
Néstor Aguirre

04/11/2018 - Coronel Moldes, Argentina

(from Coronel Moldes, in the Argentine province of Córdoba, Marita Echave sent us this fatal news, commented by 100.3fm Radio Ciudad de Coronel Moldes)

Today a great person left, Don Néstor Aguirre, active man, highly participative and committed to the social and institutional life of Coronel Moldes.

He was the father of María Aguirre Leceta and was founder and member of the first Committee of the Basque Center Gure Zainak of Coronel Moldes.

Don Néstor also served as City Council member and was a leader in other institutions in the city. Among them, he had been president of the Center for Retirees and Pensioners,  and Argentine Agrarian Federation-Coronel Moldes Branch, entities where he worked with great commitment and dedication.

An exceptional human being, great father, grandfather and neighbor.

We are going to miss him, as we miss those people who leave a tremendous imprint in their passage through this world, marked by values, example and honesty.

May Don Nestor rest in peace. From here our deepest sympathy to his son and daughters, Nestor, Maria and Liliana, family and friends.

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